How to Change Characters – Gotham Knights

If you are considering whether you should try swapping between characters — you absolutely should! There is a lot to gain, and not much to lose by trying out at least a couple of the members of the team. The XP is always shared, so you can always experiment with the different builds, especially if you are not entirely sure if you are fully enjoying playing your current character.

Besides, it’s easy! In this guide, we will show exactly how to do it.

To change between the characters, you have to be back at the Belfry. You will see 4 lit stands with team members’ costumes on display. Walk up to one of them, and you will see an option to switch to that character.

If you interact with the mannequin, you will see further information about the character’s main strengths, available Ability Points, and Power Level.

gotham knights how to switch characters belfry

After you switch, you will take control of that team member, but without the suit, free to peruse Belfry as a different character. Note that you will likely have some unspent points, especially if this is the first time you swapped characters! Remember to open up your Skill Tree and spend these before you head out on your patrol.

Did you notice something we didn’t? Have any questions you would like us to cover? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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