Gotham Knights Harley Quinn Mission 1.1 – Harley Quinn Returns

This is the first mission in Harley Quinn’s Case, and shows what she’s been up to after escaping Blackgate. It will have you interrupting several crimes from her Freaks while patrolling out in Gotham.

In order to complete this mission, you will need to go to three crimes that will be marked on the map — these markers look similar to the Premeditated Crime icons, only with an orange border on the icon instead of the usual red. All three will take place in North gotham, with the first taking place in Robinson Park, and the next two in Gotham Heights. These are essentially treated as normal Premeditated Crimes, and completing one will unlock the next one. Since they are essentially Premeditated Crimes, you can find some additional advice from how to handle them by checking out our Premeditated Crimes Guide.

To do this mission, head to the orange marker in Robinson Park. Your main objective for this crime will be to save three hostages by disarming their bombs.

You will want to try to do this mission without being detected. Aside from being a bonus objective, this approach will make the mission much easier — if you get spotted by an enemy, they will arm the bombs, giving you only 60 seconds to save the hostages. Since it takes so long to disarm the bombs, and it can be interrupted, being spotted can make this mission extremely difficult.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.1 bomb threat

Utilize the roof in the area and nearby lamp posts to stay out of site, and use Silent Takedowns on enemies. As for the cameras watching the hostages, you can either disable them with nearby control panels or defeat all the enemies first. Once all the enemies are taken out, the camera will do nothing even if it spots you.

After completing Citizen Chaos – Bomb Threat, head to the next orange marker in Gotham Heights. The objective here is to simply defeat all enemies to prevent the kidnapping. The bonus objectives here will be random, and usually combat-oriented, pulling from the same list as typical Kidnapping in Progress crimes.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.1 kidnapping in progress

You can make this mission a little easier by using Silent Takedowns on any Freaks that are wandering around, but either way all you need to do is defeat all the enemies in whatever way works best for you.

Once you complete Citizen Chaos – Kidnapping in Progress, another orange marker will appear in Gotham Heights. Just like the last missions, all you have to do here is defeat all of the enemies to prevent the robbery.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.1 armored truck robbery

You can make this mission a little easier by using Silent Takedowns on any Freaks you can before fighting the rest directly, then simply defeat the rest of the enemies any way you want. After you clear the enemies, pick up the business card in the back of the truck.

gotham knights harley quinn 1.1 business card

Once the final crime has been solved, you can head back to the Belfry at your leisure in order to talk to Alfred, which will complete the mission and unlock Mission 1.2 – Dr. Q at Monarch Theater.

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