How to Unlock Heroic Assault & Showdown – Gotham Knights

In a patch on 11/29/2022, two game modes were added to Gotham Knights: the 4-player Co-op Heroic Assault, and the boss fight mode Showdown, which allows up to 2 players. However, these modes are not immediately accessible from the main menu. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock both modes, and show you where you can access them.

heroic assault ar icon

Before you can access this mode, you’ll need to complete Case File 04: The Masquerade. Once you’ve done so, go to the mode’s location in North Gotham. It will be at the end of the road leading out of town, far past even the University. After you’ve accessed the location once, it will be always accessible from the main menu.

There are four bosses you can fight in the Showdown mode. In order to unlock each fight, you’ll first have to defeat that villain in their Case File:

After defeating each villain in their story mission, a trophy will appear in the Belfry — interacting with it allows you to enter a Showdown against the boss.

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