Bosses/Villains – Gotham Knights

Looking for some combat intel on Gotham’s greatest criminals? Search no more, detective! On this page, you can find a dedicated guide for each of the bosses in the game, complete with detailed observations, unique tips, and strategies that will give you an advantage in the fight.

  • Basher & Blazer
  • Harley Quinn
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Clayface
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Talia al Ghul
gk basher and blazer

Case: Villain Case HQ1.2: Dr. Q. at Monarch Theater
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards: 2850XP, 1x Heroic Suit of your Level, (Bronze Trophy) “Working Hard or Harley Working?”

Basher and Blazer are minor bosses starting off Harley Quinn’s Villain Case. Despite being early-quest bosses, these two can be surprisingly time-consuming. One of the things you will need to worry about in the fight is quick-detonation bombs. You have to disarm them, and they will take a lot of your attention during the battle.

harley quinn boss gotham knights

Case: Villain Case HQ1.4: Chaos in General
Recommended level: 18-21
Rewards: 5280XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your Level, (Silver Trophy) “Universal Health Scare”

This fight is pretty straightforward. As usual, Harley likes to put up a lot of theatrics, but they don’t really end up working out for her in this fight: her temporary adds — the mind-controlled peaceful citizens — are not particularly strong or willing, so she will have to fight you alone for most of the battle. The only real thing to watch out for in this battle are Harley’s combos and erratic attacks and projectiles towards the end of the fight.

gk freeze cryogun

Case: Villain Case FR1.4: Gotham City on Ice
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards (from both battles): 10860XP, 1x Rare Suite of your level, (Silver Trophy) “Snow Problem”

Mr. Freeze is relatively mobile despite his heavy suit and the massive beam gun, so while ranged attacks against him will be helpful, they aren’t the only strategy you will have to employ in this fight. What’s more, Mr. Freeze is far from giving up on his Storm Machine even after you have disrupted it. He will hop onto the platform and launch powerful laser beams, which you will have to then dodge. However, his slower attacks throughout should leave plenty of time for you to sneak in attacks.

gk mechafreeze white

Case: Villain Case FR1.6: Breakout at Blackgate
Recommended level: 21-24
Rewards (from both battles): 11000XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your level, (Bronze Trophy) “Cooldown”

Rescued from imminent death in his first fight, Mr. Freeze comes back in his upgraded form as a mech. Most of his attacks got upgraded, and the fight will require some strategic dodging: from basic attacks to many beam, missile, and AoE assaults from protected positions. Some you can dodge by moving around the field, while others might require you to grapple to a safe spot. However, the mech does have a few weaknesses, as you will learn — one of them is still ranged attacks, applied throughout the fight.

gk clayface trio 1

Case: Villain Case CF1.2: Disturbance at Dixon Docks
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards: 20100XP, 1x Heroic Suit of your level, (Bronze Trophy) “The Show Mud Go On”

The first time you fight Clayface, it will be with his two subordinates. The Clayface trio are tough and agile and can phase through the floor to catch you by surprise when they emerge. At some point, Clayface will summon a group of Clay homunculi. While they will be merely a nuisance at first, they will become much more dangerous once they all respawn along with the trio, exploding when hit and being able to respawn several times.

gk clayface mass 1

Case: Villain Case CF1.3: Rumble at the Reservoir
Recommended level: 23-26
Rewards: 13400XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your level, (Silver Trophy) Rock and a Hard Place, (Silver Trophy) End of an Era

If you enjoyed some change in pace during the first fight with Clayface, you will have fun with this second one. The battle goes from fighting Clayface as a massive Clay Mass, to an escape from his all-consuming form through the tunnels, to Clayface perpetually hardening and becoming faster and more powerful as a result — you will need to switch up tactics a couple of times here to keep up.

gk bruce appeal

Case: Main Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit
Recommended level: ?
Rewards (from both battles): 9,780XP

Bruce will be the first part of your Final Boss Fight, followed immediately by Talia. The fight with Bruce will be a battle of endurance: you will be dodging a lot, landing hits in between as quickly as possible. His Lazarus-charged attacks will be crucial to dodge, and he will take a while to finish his regular combos. You will have to dodge carefully throughout the fight and take your time.

gk bow cover shot

Case: Main Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit
Recommended level: ?
Rewards (from both battles): 9,780XP

Talia shares some similarities with Bruce, but her fight will put your health bar to a test. The first phase will largely require you to dodge her long combos and powerful attacks, and sneak as much damage as possible into the little openings provided in between. The second phase, where Talia will restart with full health, is where you are very likely to take a few hits from her quick attacks, especially since they will come with little to no warning. You should come to this fight with some health to spare, and be ready to deal as much damage as possible in a single hit.

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