How to Solve the Bird Shadow Puzzle – Gotham Knights

After discovering the secret staircase leading below the Powers Club, you’ll come to another puzzle involving a spotlight and some shadows. In this guide, we’ll explain how to solve the bird shadow puzzle in Gotham Knight’s Mission 2.2 – The Powers Club.

When you first enter the room with the puzzle, you won’t be able to solve it. First, you need to follow the blood trail to the wall with the mural on it (1). Once you get close enough, your character will comment on the blood trail stopping at the wall. At this point, you can turn around and use your AR Scanner (button xbox dpad down/ computer key x t ) to scan the spotlight you passed when you came in (2).

With the spotlight on, you’ll be able to start solving the puzzle. Walk to the spotlight, then turn and face the wall with the mural. Go to the left side of the contraption in the center of the room (the table-looking thing with the buttons attached to shadow figures.)

correct side of contraption how to solve the shadow bird puzzle gotham knights

Press button xbox a/ playstation x button / computer key e t when prompted to interact with the buttons. Starting with the first button (the one closest to the spotlight):

  • Press the 1st button 1 times
  • Press the 2nd button 2 times
  • Press the 3rd button 3 times
  • Press the 4th button 3 times

If you messed with the puzzle before finding this guide, these directions won’t help you, obviously. However, the game saves when you enter this room, so you can always just quit to the main menu, then hit Continue to reset the puzzle. You can also try and match the example (1), or you can rotate each piece until you hear a voice recording — once the recording plays, this indicates the piece is in the correct spot.

bird shadow puzzle example gotham knights v2

Once you have the four shadow-casting pieces oriented correctly, a cutscene will play, and the wall with the mural will open up, letting you continue the mission.

That’s all there is to it! We hope this guide was helpful — questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome below.

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