How to Solve the Map Puzzle – Gotham Knights

Mission 3.1 – The Key has you investigating a Court of Owl’s hideout atop the Gotham Gazette’s skyscraper. In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve the map puzzle that reveals the Court of Owl’s secret plan.

Before solving the puzzle, you have to scan the document pinned to the front of the drop box (1) by holding button xbox dpad down/ computer key x t . Doing so will cause a brief cutscene to play. That done, you can walk over to the nearby table with the map on it (2), and holdbutton xbox a/ playstation x button / computer key e t to investigate.

Once you’re investigating the table, you’ll need to tag two items:

  • The emblem with the brass peg on the far left side of the map
  • The card with the crossed swords
investigation how to solve the map puzle gotham knights walkthrough

You’ll have to move the view very far to the left to find the brass peg emblem, so if you don’t see it, just move your view as far left as possible. Once you’ve selected both indicated items on the map, hit the Solve button, and the puzzle will be complete!

We hope this guide on solving the map puzzle in Gotham Knights! Comments and questions welcome below.

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