How Status Effects Work – Gotham Knights

Status Effects in Gotham Knights are both additional attributes of attacks that can cause devastating effects, and the effects themselves. These statuses are applied when a target is hit by an attack that deals status damage, whereupon a gauge will begin filling up above the target’s health bar. If this gauge fills entirely, the status effect will activate. There are five status effects in the game, listed below, and all five can impact both players and enemies. You can check what kind of status effect an enemy deals by looking at their profile on your Batcomputer (in the “Database”, under “Profiles”, then “Factions”).

When the Concussive Status Gauge fills, the target becomes dazed and is rendered completely unable to move for several seconds. Applying the Concussive status effect is a great way to deal with enemies with large health pools, taking them out of the fight momentarily while you score hits on other targets. If you are facing enemies that can apply the Concussive effect, though, you should take extra care not to get hit, as being stunned will essentially guarantee that you will be struck again.

When the Bioelectric Status Gauge fills, the target gets shocks and cannot move, and their attacks will be interrupted. While this doesn’t prevent them from attacking entirely, it does significantly impair their ability to act. It also is more common and tends to build up faster, than the Concussive Status.

gk toxic tempToxic

When the Toxic Status Gauge fills, the target will begin to take damage over time for quite a while. This damage is fairly light per tick, but it adds up to a lot of damage over the course of the effect. Using this against big enemies, especially bosses, will help you deal a continuous stream of damage. If you are hit by it, however, you will need to keep a very close eye on your health bar, and make sure to apply healing if it gets even somewhat low.

gk cryogenic tempCryogenic

When the Cryogenic Status Gauge fills, the target will be frozen instantly, until they are either able to break free from the ice or are hit by another attack. They will take damage during the time they spend in the ice. This has a similar effect to the Concussive status effect, but it is slightly quicker to get out of, with the trade-off of extra damage.

gk incendiary tempIncendiary

When the Incendiary Status Gauge fills, the target catches on fire. This deals lots of damage over just a few seconds, rapidly depleting a target’s health. While the effect itself doesn’t last as long as the Toxic status, and does less damage overall, the speed with which the Incendiary effect applies that damages is much higher, and can prove extremely deadly to both you and foes (especially if you aren’t paying attention). The best way to use this ability is to eliminate medium- and low-health enemies, who you plan on eliminating before the status effect wears off. Otherwise, it is better to use Toxic gear.

This status effect is not elemental and can only be afflicted upon your enemies. It triggers when you defeat powerful enemies or activate certain Momentum Abilities, and applies to nearby enemies. An enemy inflicted with fear will attack slower and deal less damage. As well, if Fear builds enough, they will simply flee the battle, effectively nullifying them as a threat.

Now that you know how Status Effects in Gotham Knights work, it might be time to start tinkering with your build so you can use them in combat against the next foes you face. Anything to make yourself more effective at keeping the streets of Gotham clean!

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