The Mob Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

The Mob faction can be fought very early in the game, and appear while on patrol throughout Gotham. Despite this, they rarely make appearances in missions, making them surprisingly uncommon to fight if you aren’t doing premeditated crimes. Players who find themselves at odds with the Mob should expect a higher-than-usual amount of ranged units, including Shooters, Snipers, and their unique Grenadiers. This means that fighting them requires constant awareness, to ensure you aren’t being targeted by gunfire or grenades. However, it also means that (aside from their tough Godmother minibosses), they are weak and can be defeated quickly, once you close the gap or use your own ranged attacks against them.

Members of the Mob drop Polymer, Titanium Mesh, and Rare Earth Metals. Their crimes tend to occur in New Gotham (the central island on the map).

gk godmother

Godmothers are intimidating and powerful foes when you first encounter them, and it takes a long time to get used to them. They are tanky, heavy-hitters whose long, delayed combos are not paralleled by regular enemies until fairly late in the game, and they demand tight, accurate, and careful dodge and counter-attack timings. Their combos consist of three attacks, with the last being possible to Perfect Dodge and then counter-attack.

Players struggling with Godmothers should get in the habit of dodging more than attacking, exercising patience and restraint while they build up Momentum in order to use their Abilities. Early in the game, your Piercing Momentum Ability that you unlock during Mission 1.4 – Blackgate Blues is going to be your best bet against these strong-women, though you may gain other Momentum Abilities later that you can use to great effect against them. No matter which Abilities you use (or even if you decide not to use any), the key is going to be to time your attacks after they have completed their three-stroke combos. Perfect Dodges/Attacks are going to be ideal, for obvious reasons.

gk grenadier

Grenadiers are ranged units whose grenade launchers operate almost identically to Freaks Firestarters’ Fire Bottles: Their attacks will show as red crosshairs on the ground at your feet as they target you. This will track you, but once they are about to launch their attack, the crosshair will become a circle and remain in place. A little over a second later, the grenade will land, damaging anyone in that circle. So long as you dodge out of the way once the crosshair becomes a circle, you should be safe.

Similar to Brawlers and Shooters, then, these enemies serve mainly as distractions and interruptions. While it is easy to dodge their bottles alone, you can easily be hit by them if you are swarmed by tougher enemies, or they might force you to dodge away from a target you are trying to focus on. As such, the same advice applies to them as applies to Brawlers and Shooters: you should take care of them first, so they don’t interrupt your fights with stronger enemies.

mob sniper 1
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