Gotham Knights Mission 8.1 – Dangerous Skies

In this mission, you’ll need to defeat several Man-Bats that have been set loose upon Gotham by Talia Al Ghul.

You’ll begin in the Belfry, and you’ll want to go up to the evidence board and then move your cursor to the cluster of three photos in the upper right corner under “Leads”. Hovering over them will reveal where Man-Bats have been sighted in Gotham.

Once you’ve hovered over them, you can go out on Patrol to fight the Man-Bats, which will be at the three locations mentioned: the Elliot Center, WayneTech, and Gotham City General Hospital. You can locate each on the map before you go out on Patrol. The Elliot Center is to the immediate west of the Belfry and the nearest fast travel location (1), the Gotham City General Hospital is west of Otisburg and on the north part of West End on the central island (2), and WayneTech is at the far south of the map, just west of the docks (3).

6 yellow symbol

Once you leave the Belfry, you’ll need to go to the rooftop of each location. Once you are within 300 meters of the objective, you can locate them by looking for a yellow upside-down “crime” triangle using your AR.

All three Man-Bat encounters will be on the rooftops of each buildings, so look up once you arrive at them!

All three encounters will play the same way once you get there. After arriving on the rooftop, you will hear a loud Man-Bat screech and then be attacked by a deadly Man-Bat. You’ll need to be careful to avoid their lunges, dives, and swipes, and beware that their Toxic spit and sonic echo give Man-Bats effective ranged options. In order to defeat them, you’ll need to dodge their attacks and punish during their recovery window. None of their attacks can be staggered by attacking them, so as soon as a Man-Bat readies his attack, you’ll need to be ready to dodge.

Once you’ve lowered each Man-Bat to about 1/4 health, two League of Shadows enemies (either Assassins or Rocketeers) will show up on the rooftop to assist. You’ll need to finish off the Man-Bat as well as defeat these enemies in order to complete each crime. If any of the enemies on this mission are giving you trouble, don’t forget to take a look at our League of Shadows Faction Guide.

After you’ve completed the third and final Man-Bat crime, the mission will automatically end, giving you immediate access to the final mission of the game, Mission 8.2 – The Lazarus Pit. You can go straight to this final mission without even heading back to the Belfry.

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