Basher & Blazer – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Basher and Blazer are minor bosses you will fight during Villain Case HQ1.2: Dr. Q at a Monarch Theater. The fight will happen in three phases (you will fight Basher, then Blazer, then both of them as the same time).

Case: Villain Case HQ1.2: Dr Q. at Monarch Theater
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards: 2850XP, 1x Heroic Suit of your Level, (Bronze Trophy) “Working Hard or Harley Working?”

Quick Tips:

  • Dodge or shield-break Basher, chip away at health.
  • Watch the ground with Blazer. When crosshairs becomes circle, get out of the way.
  • Basher takes longer than Blazer. When both are up, defeat Blazer first.
  • Bombs take priority in Phase 3. Kite enemies away, dispatch Freaks quickly, focus on disarming.
gk basher 1

Dodge and Retort. Basher himself operates similarly to most shield enemies. You have to dodge around him and chip away at his health. You can also use heavy attacks to shield-break, opening him up for attack.

Ignore Adds. During the fight, Freaks will join in throughout. Aside from the first Freak, who should be dealt with immediately, you can choose to clear them out or focus on Basher himself. They are not particularly aggressive and are entirely confined to melee, making them easy to avoid if you’d rather focus on Basher.

Basher will occasionally charge at you or swing his shield in a wide arc. When he does, you can actually force Freaks between you and him, dealing damage to them. This also applies to his leaping shield-slams later in the fight.

gk blazer

Watch the Ground. This time, Blazer and some of his comrades make heavy use of fire bottles. Avoid these attacks by keeping an eye on the ground: a crosshair on the ground means that you are being targetted, but you don’t need to dodge out of the way until it becomes a circle, at which point you should move out of the circle immediately.

Blazer is much easier to focus on and interrupt: keeping up the pressure on him will prevent him from attacking entirely. You will have to avoid fire bottles and melee attacks, but this is easy.

The tips for fighting Basher and Blazer individually carry over to their combined fight. Be ready for this fight to take a while and be a bit tedious. It is better to accept that it will take time, rather than get overconfident and fail halfway through.

Bombs Expire Quick, Disarm Slow. Be aware when a bomb activates, as you will have only 30 seconds to disarm them. In order to do so, you must stand still and hold a button for a second, so you should try to kite enemies away from bombs before disarming them.

Disarming > Getting Hit. Sometimes, a fire bottle will target you from a distance as you are about to disarm a bomb. If you can afford to take a hit, it is often better to tank this attack and defuse the bomb, getting it out of the way.

gk bb bomb

Bomb Buildup. Bombs are always activated at least two at a time. After defeating one boss, this goes up to three, requiring you to begin disarming them essentially right after they activate to avoid them exploding. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get to each bomb.

One Boss at a Time. You should focus on one of the two bosses first, as getting them out of the way makes the fight easier. Basher takes longer to defeat, can damage his allies, and cannot be interrupted when attacking as easily, making Blazer the more obvious target to focus on first.

But Freaks First. The freaks that show up to aid Basher and Blazer don’t respawn often, and so should be dealt with immediately in order to clear space to disarm the bombs and fight the bosses.

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1 year ago

One of the worst boss fights ever. Holy shit- this game was passable until this shitshow of a fight.

1 year ago

Like the game so far but absolutely hate the bomb phase. Which sadist decided to add it to the game?

1 year ago

Blazer is weak to grapple pull. 3 to 4 hits and he is down leaving you in peace to handle Basher.

Last edited 1 year ago by Keltin2002