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As you start reach the end of the main story, you might start wondering — what do I do next? You may not realize it at the moment, but there are a plenty of activities for you to undertake once you are done with the main mission: Collectibles, Unlockables, Bosses, Minibosses… and something that is worked right into the core of the Gotham Knights experience — the four different characters to play and max out (skills, abilities, gear, personal story, etc.)

In this guide we will cover all of the above, and also touch on New Game +, the mode that will present a whole another opportunity for you to explore the game with a different character and work to max out your favorite character builds and gear.

If you finish the main story without reaching, don’t feel like you need to rush straight into New Game + right away. Gotham Knights offers a plenty of activities for the endgame and you might not even realize how much you are missing out on.

Collectibles and Bosses. Open up the Batcomputer and check out your Challenges tab: beyond the wide variety of Collectibles (Batarangs, Street Art, Landmarks, etc.) there are Contacts, Villain Cases (bosses), and Gotham’s Most Wanted (ten minibosses that only appear in Very High difficulty crimes).

Unlockables. In other words, with our without New Game + in action, you get a plenty of activities and unlockables to work on after you are done with the Main Missions: Momentum Abilities and Knighthood Trees for each character, Batman’s secret Stashes (which scale to level), Batcycle Colorways, and Suit Styles & Colorways among them.

Max out gear. The Stashes aren’t the only loot that scales with your level — all gear does, and once you start working towards getting the best equipment for your favorite character (or multiple), you can get hooked on trying to unlock all suit transmogs for the ultimate look, and then get into the rabbit hole with getting the best Mods for each gear item (with multiple chip slots per item and the fusion process for upgrading rarity).

Play a different character. And, before we move on to NG+, let us emphasize how much of a difference it makes playing more than one character — through the story, side cases, and into the endgame challenges! Each one of them is an opportunity to explore a whole new playstyle, along with unlocking their Knighthood Trees and Momentum Abilities (and bits of personal story and character interaction), and getting the best gear for each.

Co-op. Also, remember about co-op play: if you are getting addicted to the endgame grind, drag a friend into it! Co-op and Heroic Assault (launching on November 29th) are a great way to explore the best each character has to offer and then combining their powers for some fun showdown (Nightwing and his group-wide buffs are an absolute must for 3+ co-op!).

  • Resets story progression
  • Increases the level of enemies
  • Keeps all of your character progression
  • Increases the level cap to [40]

Now, the New Game + adds a whole new layer to the endgame exploration, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to play through the story with another character and see the variations in interactions they have during cutscenes and with the ending. All enemies will now be more difficult, so it will be even more important to max out the skills and gear for your characters.

All of your progression will be kept — even the skills you already picked for your characters. It can present some inconvenience, since you don’t get a single chance to go back on how you spend your Ability Points in the game. Thankfully, if you haven’t really played another character until now, switching to them will mean up to 30 levels worth of points to spend!

What’s more, you will get 10 more levels for all of your characters, so you will get pretty close to unlocking all of the skill points for them regardless. Of course, don’t forget about the Abilities — with more points to spend across all of the trees you definitely want to make sure you unlock all of the Momentum Abilities as soon as you can to ensure that you make the most from your Skill bonuses.

What have you been doing after finishing the main story? Did you get addicted to grinding something out and ended up with something pretty cool? Share with us in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Malgré les avis mitigé, moi j’ai vraiment aimé ce jeux et j’y reviens régulièrement