Landmark Locations – Gotham Knights

Landmarks are one of the trickier collectibles in Gotham Knights. In order to ‘collect’ them, all you have to do is scan the placard in front of the building with AR.

There are a total of 40 Landmarks spread throughout Gotham City, attached to some of Gotham’s most “historic” buildings. Here are the locations of all the Landmarks in Gotham Knights:

  • Landmarks #1-4 – Financial District
  • Landmarks #5-6 – West End
  • Landmarks #7-12 – Old Gotham
  • Landmarks #13-16 – Tricorner Island
  • Landmarks #17-21 – Southside
  • Landmarks #22-24 – The Cauldron
  • Landmarks #25-27 – Bowery
  • Landmarks #28-32 – Otisburg
  • Landmarks #33-36 – Gotham Heights
  • Landmarks #37-38 – Robinson Park
  • Landmarks #39-40 – Bristol

Below we will go over where each one is located so that you can find them all!

Gotham City National Bank – On the north entrance of the Gotham City National Bank on Commercial Bank Street, east of Quartz Labs.

Sacred Heart Convalescent Home – In front of an old house where Gate Street and Harbor Street meet.

Gotham Ferry Co. – On the northwest corner of the Financial District, to the west of the Madison Street bridge.

Miller Harbor – On the west side of Dozier Avenue, southeast of the Belfry.

First Church of Gotham City – Where Rotterdam Street and Bohler Avenue meet, near the Gotham City Gazette.

Martha Wayne Foundation – On the corner of Grand Avenue and Bay Street.

St. Swithun’s Church – Near the docks at the south end of Bay Street.

Gotham City Hall – Found between Neville Street and Wycliffe Avenue.

Novick Building – On Rosserie Street, just north of the intersection with Grand Avenue.

Gotham City Fire Department – On the intersection of Kane Street and Logerquist Avenue.

Gotham City Cathedral – In between Crowne Avenue and Finger Avenue. On the south of the building to the northwest of the main building.

Statue of Justice – Located at the base of the statue.

Fort Dumas – On the southwest entrance to Fort Dumas.

Armory – It will be at a large factory-like building on Arsenal Street, west of Fort Dumas.

Gotham City Post Office – On the corner of St. Adrian Avenue and Monument Street.

Cobblepot Steel – On the north side of Cobblepot Steel, found on the corner of Manchester Street and Third Street.

Southside Glassworks – At the intersection of Gate Street and Lyntown Avenue.

Old Koul Brau Factory – On the corner of Madison Street and Lyntown Avenue.

Giverny Paint – On the corner of Gate Street and Dixon Avenue.

Dixon Docks – On the southeast corner of Southside.

Luigi’s Finest Pizza – On the corner of Harrow Road and Diangelo Avenue.

Paris Island Incinerator – At the base of the Paris Island building.

Fei Hong Supermarket – Underneath Gate Street, near the corner of Harrow Road and Volczek Street.

Cape Carmine Lighthouse – At the east part of the Bowery, near Newton Place and Cape Street.

Sacred Martyr Church – On the corner of Sheldon Hill Road and Atlantic Avenue.

S.K. Animal Shelter – Near the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Cape Street.

Wayne Center for Children – East from the intersection of Gardner Street and Berger Avenue.

St. Aloysius Church – West from the intersection of Gardner Street and Berger Avenue.

Ralli’s Family Restaurant – Can be found east of Foxteca, along Berger Avenue.

Wayne Enterprises – Just outside of Wayne Tower.

Split Pea Catering – On the corner of Croydon Avenue and Storrow Street.

Martha Wayne Art Gallery – On the corner of Dyrfold Avenue and Mason Street.

Gotham Heights Residences – Just west of the intersection of Bierce Avenue and Chambers Street.

St. Joseph Church – Near the east end of University Drive.

Old Wayne Mining HQ – Southwest of Gotham Country Road.

Robinson Park Plaza – Southernmost part of Robinson Park.

Robinson Park Exhibition Grounds – On the west side of Robinson Park, you will find a statue of a globe with tentacles. The Landmark will be just north of this statue.

Leblanc Funeral Home – On the intersection of Mercey Avenue and Beacon Street.

St. Faustina Church – On the corner of Oxylus Street and Reservoir Avenue.

Finding all of the Landmarks will give you the ‘History Major’ achievement. Once you know all about Gotham’s history, after all, you’ll have all the more reason to keep it safe!

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