Fast Travel Locations – Gotham Knights

Tired of Batcycling, hook-shotting, and gliding your way around Gotham City? Luckily, there is a Fast Travel system in Gotham Knights to let you quickly move between different parts of the city. However, it’s not available immediately.

Below, we will go over how to unlock the Fast Travel feature, as well as where each Fast Travel location is.

In order to unlock Fast travel, you must first reach Case File 2.1: The Rabbit Hole. Alfred will then tell you that Lucius Fox has a message for you, and will be waiting at the top of the Foxteca building in the Otisburg District. Meet him here on your next patrol, and, after a conversation, you will get a new mission.

For this mission, you will have to scan drones in eight different locations throughout Gotham, one for each sector of the city. Once you scan them in AR, Lucius will hack them and the point will become a Fast Travel spot. Lucius will initially mark one area for you, and mark a new location after. Once the second drone is hacked, the rest will be marked on your map to be tackled in any order. Drones will patrol around the marked area.

gotham knights drones

Some drones will be shielded. In order to scan these, you will have to wait for it to land in its designated spot and take off its shield.

Financial District (1 Drone) – This will be near where you meet Lucias, and he will talk you through scanning drones.

Southside (1 Shielded Drone) – It will be on Manchester Street, west of Cobblepot Steel. Lucias will talk you through getting past shielded drones.

Old Gotham (2 Drones, 1 Shielded) – They will be on Grand Avenue, south of the Gotham City Cathedral.

Tricorner Island (2 Drones) – They will be on the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge.

Otisburg (3 Drones) – They will be on the southwest corner of Gardner Street and Berger Avenue.

West End (3 Drones, 2 Shielded) – They will be on Croydon Avenue, southwest of Gotham City Hospital.

Gotham Heights (2 Shielded Drones) – They will be on Dyrford Avenue, southeast of Gotham City University.

Bristol (3 Shielded Drones) – They will be on Mercey Avenue, southeast of Saul Erdel Planetarium.

Once the mission is completed, you will unlock Fast Travel in every district. To take advantage of this, you will simply need to open the map and click on any green marker on the map. You can also speak to Lucius again, and he will become a Contact for you.

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