Mission 8.2: The Lazarus Pit – Gotham Knights

This is the final mission in Gotham Knights, which sees you tracking Talia Al Ghul and her League of Shadows through a system of underground tunnels before having a final confrontation with a familiar face.

In order to start the mission, you’ll need to go to the Wayne Crypt at the Cemetery, at the north-easternmost point of the map, in Bristol.

Once you enter the crypt, you can drop down the hole directly in front of you (where Bruce Wayne ought to be buried) and continue forward, letting yourself slide down the incline.

At the bottom of this incline, you’ll come to a deep pit, with no grappling points immediately available. However, there are several hanging lamps around you (which will be highlighted in purple in AR). In order to turn them into grapple points, and therefore be able to cross the gap, simply hit them with a ranged attack. This will cause the lampposts to lower, allowing you to use them as grapple points to get to the other side. Remember this mechanic, as you’ll be doing it often.

Once you’ve got to the other side, you should scan the tunnel in front of you. One of the hanging lamps with be highlighted in red by your AR. Hanging lamps like this are actually mines. You can destroy them with ranged attacks or run past them, since they have a long fuse and warning sound before detonating, but be mindful of them. You’ll encounter several more as you run through the tunnel before you.

Eventually, the tunnel will open up and reveal several artifacts from the now-destroyed Batcave, as well as another bottomless pit. This time, you can make it across just by grappling, with the lamps having already been lowered for you.

Once you make it across, you’ll squeeze through a gap and then slide down an incline. Be ready here, as this gap will drop you into another pit unless you grapple to safety as you reach the end of the slide. Like the droppable lamps and the mines, this is another element that will repeat several times throughout the tunnels.

7 fall and grapple

After grappling, you’ll end up in a flat arena where you’ll be attacked by a League of Shadows Assassin, the first of many. Dispatch them, then continue through the tunnels, taking note of the exploding lamps.

As you reach the end of the that section, you’ll be ambushed by 3 more League of Shadows enemies, this time a mix of Assassins and Rocketeers. If they, or any other enemies in this section, are giving you trouble, then you should check out our League of Shadows Faction Guide. Take them out and then continue to the next grappling hook.

10 league assassins

A short cutscene will play, and then you’ll be pitted against a Man-Bat. Defeat him, and then the Rocketeer that comes after. Then, search the arena; to the right of the path forward, there will be a chest. Grab that, then use the grapple point to continue through the tunnel.

There will be more lamp-mines in the next section, followed by a droppable-lamp grapple section, and then ending in a slide that drops off into a pit, which you’ll have to grapple at the end of to save yourself. After grappling across that gap, you’ll slide down another slide that ends in a drop, and then one more slide, this time not ending in a gap (though there is a small gap you’ll need to leap over right after).

Continue forward until you are ambushed by a few more League of Shadows Assassins and Rocketeers. Take them out, then grapple up to the ledge at the end of this room, where there will be a chest.

11 chest

Turn back around and head towards the gap you’ll need to squeeze through to progress. You’ll need to do another series of slides and grapples before being ambushed again by more League of Shadows enemies.

12 gap

After defeating them, continue down the tunnel until you reach a slide. After you go down it, you’ll be ambushed again. You’re probably noticing a pattern by now.

Squeeze through the gap in front of you, and then come across another cavern. Make your way through, but keep an eye out for a purple droppable-lamp in your AR to the right, rather than just going straight to the white diamond. Use this droppable lamp and continue along its path. Be aware that one of the grapple points is actually a mine, and you’ll need to grapple to a different one right after it to avoid falling.

Continuing along this path will get you two chests, then you can continue to follow the white diamond until you drop down another slide. At the bottom, you’ll be ambushed once again. After defeating this group of Assassins, continue through this cavern by dropping some droppable lamps.

After grappling past those, you’ll be on a path through the cavern. Keep an eye out to the left, when you can jump across a small gap in order to grab a chest. Otherwise, you can continue along this path until you reach another open space, where you’ll be (wait for it…) ambushed again by the League of Shadows.

15 ledgechest

Defeat them, grab the chest to the left of the circular rolling door, and then squeeze through the gap.

A cutscene will play, introducing you to the first of the two final bosses of the game: Bruce Wayne!

So long as you’ve been keeping up with how the League of Shadows Assassins work, Bruce Wayne should not be too difficult of a boss fight. He has long combos that you’ll need to dodge, can teleport using the same smoke as Assassins, and is hard to hit. But, so long as you dodge his combos, avoid his ground slam area-of-effect attacks, and break his guard when he is idle, you should be able to whittle down his health.

Each time you take off a third of his health, you’ll be able to appeal to Bruce by interacting with him. The first two times you do this, a very brief scene will play before the battle resumes, with Bruce adding a few more moves to his arsenal both times. The third time you appeal to Bruce (when you’ve gone through his entire health bar), you will succeed, and a cutscene will play.

17 appeal to bruce

After this cutscene, you will have the next boss fight with the true final boss of the game: Talia Al Ghul.

For some general advice: her combos are very long, with very difficult-to-dodge timings, and they deal high damage. She can teleport to both avoid damage and to punish you for your attacks, meaning you have to be ready to dodge after any one of your strikes. Furthermore, she has dangerous ranged attacks. While they are easy to avoid, she usually begins them far enough away from you to also make it difficult to attack her while she uses them.

18 talia

After you’ve taken out her health bar, a cutscene will play. After it, Talia will enter her second stage with a fresh health bar. She will now be wielding a glaive instead of her sword, and have a slew of new attacks to complement it. This glaive is somehow even harder to dodge than the sword, though it is easier to punish her shorter combos here. You’ll need to be patient and strike when the moment is right. Clever use of momentum abilities can help here as well but, in the end, you’ll need to truly demonstrate mastery of game systems to defeat Talia.

Once you’ve taken out her second health bar, that is it. A very long cutscene will play to wrap up the game. After that cutscene, and the credits that come right after, you’ll find yourself back in Gotham, having completed the main story of Gotham Knights. Congratulations!

19 icon

But there is still more to do around Gotham! Now that Talia has been defeated, maybe it is time to gather all the game’s collectibles, take on one of the iconic villains in their own cases, or start New Game+ to give yourself a challenge with all the gear you’ve acquired.

Whatever you do from here, though, you can rest assured with the knowledge that you’ve defended Gotham and truly lived up to Bruce Wayne’s legacy.

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