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As you play Gotham Knights, you may be wondering how leveling up works. Perhaps you were wondering how the Skill Tree worked, where those Ability Points are earned, or how to level up more quickly. Whatever the case, this is the guide for you! We will walk you through each of these (and more!) to help you understand how the system works, and how to use it to maximum effect.

As you fight your way through Gotham, you will get XP for completing missions, defeating foes, and finding collectibles. This XP will add to your total until you level up. Each time you level up, you will be rewarded with one Ability Point (AP) and a few other benefits, such as better loot drops.

Note: Enemies in the open world will also level up with you, though enemies in missions will remain at whatever the “Suggested Level” is for that mission (unless you are in New Game+).

Leveling up is the primary method of getting Ability Points, which you spend on Skills to level up your character and give them powerful buffs. However, there are a few other ways to get them, such as completing various challenges and completing sets of certain collectibles.

However, the fact remains that most of your Ability Points (more than 80%) will come from leveling up. Thankfully, XP is awarded generously in Gotham Knights. However, there are ways get XP quicker, so that you reach the max level (and get all those level-up Ability Points) sooner. Luckily, we have a guide on just that, check it out!

You might be wondering how to get all the Ability Points, so you can upgrade your character. Well, the main way you will be getting Ability Points is by leveling up. That said, there are some other things you can do to acquire additional Ability Points, as follows:

  • Collectibles. Make sure to collect the following collectibles. Each rewards you with an Ability Point, and can be done in less than an hour each at the very start of the game:
    1. Batarangs
    2. Street Art
    3. Landmarks/Historic Sites
    4. Talon Caches
  • Training Exercises. Complete all the training exercises in the Belfry, with at least one character. (Sometimes, a glitch may force you to do this a second time with a different character for it to count.) Remember that you will need to have all Momentum Abilities unlocked before you can do all the training exercises.
  • Character Quests. Complete the Knighthood Challenge and Personal Quest for each character. Once you have done both for each character and thus have all the Momentum Abilities unlocked, you will get a Ability Point.
  • Level Up. Each level, from 2 to 40, gets you another Ability Point.

Doing all of those will reward you with a total of 48 Ability Points, and it only takes 47 to completely max out any character’s Skill Tree. They are also shared between characters, so once you have all the points for one character, you will have it for all the characters.

gk all skills
It is possible to max out your Skill Trees

Because you are unable to respec your Ability Points, you will be stuck with whatever you spend them on. So, you have to be mindful of where you do spend them. Even if they are awarded fairly regularly, this can make the decision a little bit daunting.

gk lots of points
What to spend all those points on?

With your first Ability Point, you should always buy Perfect Evade.

This allows you to perform perfect dodges and attacks, which will be invaluable throughout the game (and is required for completing many bonus objectives). This is the only skill we’d call mandatory.

Beyond that, you should buy skills according to what you want your playstyle to be. Almost all of them are useful in certain contexts. So, as long as you are buying skills that you’ll actually use, you will already be getting plenty out of the system. However, we still have some advice on how to spend skill points to maximum efficiency.

First and foremost, if efficiency does matter to you, I recommend not spending Ability Points on anything aside from Perfect Evade until you’ve completed your character’s Knighthood Challenge and can see their Knighthood Skill Tree. This is where some of the most powerful (and also most expensive) Skills are going to be.

This will allow you to save up some points until you have the full tree available for purchase.

If you are striving for a min-maxed build, you should be careful about which Skills you buy early on. Because every character has different skill trees, you’ll need to tailor the rest of your skill purchases to which character you are using. Luckily, we have a level-to-level guide for each character, to let you know what skills to buy in what order. Check them out!

We hope that this guide has laid bare how leveling up and Skills work in Gotham Knights, and that it will help you get the most XP and Ability Points out of the game, more quickly. Now, it is time to get out there, and clean up the streets of Gotham!

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