How to Level Up Quickly – Gotham Knights

In order to be the best vigilante you can be, you are going to need more abilities and better gear, especially when embarking on quests with recommended levels (like the Villain Cases). And the way to get more abilities and gear is by leveling up. But, you might be wondering, how can I level up quickly? This guide is here to answer that question.

Much of what is unlocked in the game, such as rare gear and skills, comes directly as a result of leveling up. Thankfully, XP is awarded generously in Gotham Knights. There are, however, ways to gain XP even faster, so that you reach the max level (and get all level-up-based Ability Points) sooner. If you want to be rocking a max-level Knight as soon as possible, here is what you should be prioritizing:

  • Complete main story missions. These missions typically reward you with plenty of XP on completion, in addition to tossing plenty of enemies at you during them which also award XP.
  • Do the training exercises with each character. These award an absurd amount of XP each, especially on New Game+. In testing, I went from level 35 to level 38, just by doing the training exercises for all four characters.
  • Go out of your way to fight crime. Premeditated crimes, especially Hard and Very Hard ones, reward lots of XP. This is slower than other methods, but infinitely repeatable.
  • Do side challenges, like time trials and secret caches, as they award you lots of XP for completing relatively simple, easy tasks.
  • Do Lucius Fox’s repeatable Contact challenges. They simply require you to craft items, and you can stand next to him as you do, allowing you to go through tens of his quests all at once, each rewarding you with XP and valuable Fox Mods.
    • Other contacts should be turned in as they are finished, but usually are too time-consuming to be effective methods to rely on for leveling up. When you happen to complete one, reap the rewards, but otherwise they are not efficient for levelling up.

It is important to note that you can reach level 30 in your first playthrough, but in order to get to level 40, the true max level, you will need to reset the story (but not your progression), by entering New Game+.

Now that you know how to level up quickly, you’ll be at the peak of your game, getting better gear and unlocking more powerful abilities. Gotham has never been safer.

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