Gotham Knights Mission 7.1 – Friends In Need

This mission comes after the League of Shadows have made their move — Gotham is under attack from the league’s assassins, and your friends are one of their targets. You’ll need to protect the contacts you’ve made in order to use them again (and to proceed with the main story).

activity view friends in need mission 7.1 gotham knights

When this mission begins, you can immediately leave the Belfry. Once on patrol, tapbutton xbox menu/ computer key f1 t to open the Activity view. Here, you’ll be able to access the 7.1 cae file challenges — select “Help Lucius Fox”, and then hit the Track button to get yourself some GPS guidance.

Make your way to Lucius Fox’s location, where he’s rather comically cowering in a bubble shield while the League’s assassin’s try to hack their way into it. You’ll need to keep the assassin’s off of the hacking stations while fighting them — there are two hacking stations (see below), so make sure you’re constantly checking both of them. You can also try to utilize the numerous explosive containers in the area to deal some good damage to the enemies; try to lead them towards one and then hold button xbox lefttrigger/icon mouse right click v2to aim, then press button xbox righttrigger/icon mouse left click v2to shoot at the barrels.

perfect dodge timing indicator gotham knights
Time to dodge

You can also earn some bonus rewards here by doing “Perfect Attacks”. To do a Perfect Attack, you have to Perfect Evade (dodge right when the enemy’s attack indicator gets the jagged edges on it), and then tap the melee attack button right afterwards.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, Lucius will come out of his bubble, and you’ll need to talk to him. After the cutscene, open up the Activity view again (tapbutton xbox menu/ computer key f1 t), start tracking “Help Detective Montoya”, and follow your GPS/the HUD icon to her location. Once there, you’ll need to defend the four cops from the League of Shadows assassins. This fight is a little easier than the last one, since instead of one guy hiding in a bubble, the people you’re protecting actually fight back.

officer health gotham knights
Officer health

The bonus rewards are a little more of a pain this time, however — you need to defeat 2 enemies with Ranged Attacks, and perform 3 Perfect Evades. While fighting, make sure you keep an eye on the Officers’ health; if they’re getting low, try to find them and draw the attention of the enemies attacking them — you can heal, they can’t!

After defeating all of the enemies here, you’ll be called back to the Belfry (I guess Dr. Thompkins isn’t really in danger, although you will need to rescue her before you can use her as a Contact again). Once the cutscene at the Belfry ends, you’ll earn your mission rewards.

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