Mr. Freeze (First Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

You will encounter your first fight with Mr. Freeze during Villain Case FR1.4: Gotham City on Ice, immediately after you install the Disruptor on the Storm Machine. If you are fighting him for the second time, see our Mr. Freeze (Second Fight) guide (coming soon!). In this fight, Mr. Freeze will occasionally resort to using the compromised Storm Machine, shooting out freezing beams you will have to dodge. Despite his heavy suit, he will still manage to move around quite a bit, but his attacks will still be relatively slow.

Case: Villain Case FR1.4: Gotham City on Ice
Recommended level: 10-13
Rewards (from both battles): 10860XP, 1x Rare Suite of your level, (Silver Trophy) “Snow Problem”

Quick Tips:

  • Maintain distance, make use of Ranged Attacks.
  • If you see him charging his cannon, be prepared to dodge. If hit by it, try to escape immediately.
  • If you see his cannon on his shoulder, prepare for freezing shots.
  • He will move around using jetpack right after his AoE attack.
  • Weave in attacks when Mr. Freeze is kneeling down, but be prepared to avoid his ice grenades.
  • When Mr. Freeze uses the Storm Machine, run from the laser beams and watch the ground for AoE missiles.

Mr. Freeze is all about positioning and ranges. He can be dangerous at all ranges, but being mindful of this and moving in and out of them can be very effective. His attacks are slow, but powerful.

gk freeze 1

Maintain distance. Be careful being too close, as he can swing his cannon at you with relatively little warning, which can catch you off guard if you are expecting one of his charged ranged attacks.

Make use of Ranged Attacks. Because of this, making effective use of ranged abilities is helpful, as it means you can damage him even when he forces you away from him.

Charging cannon = prepare to dodge. Mr. Freeze’s ice cannon deals a lot of damage, and he will use it wherever you are in the battlefield. When he begins charging it, be ready to dodge, as the attack is uninterruptible.

If hit, mash! If you are hit by it, you will need to mash the action button to escape before you are slammed for even more damage.

Cannon on shoulder = freezing shots. Sometimes, he will hold the cannon on his shoulder and fire two shots in quick succession. If you are hit by both of these, you will be frozen.

Jetpack after AoE. Mr. Freeze can use his jetpack to move around: he always does this after making his AoE attack, which itself has a fairly tight dodge window.

Kneeling = weave in attacks. At mid-range, he will kneel down and charge ice grenades. This is an excellent time to get damage in, but if you are hit by these, you will be momentarily frozen.

gk freeze 2 1

At about 3/4 health, Mr. Freeze will jump onto the Storm Engine and become invulnerable. During this time, focus on dodging the beams, and then the missile AoE attacks. He will eventually come back down.

Run away from beams, watch the ground for AoE. The beams can be avoided by running, while the AoE missile attacks appear on the ground a few moments before landing.

Return to the original strategy once Mr. Freeze is back in the field.

gk freeze storm machine mayhem 2

He will jump onto the Storm Engine again at 1/3 health, where he will remain for longer and the attacks will be harder to avoid. The laser beams will be bigger and more powerful. Dodge out of the way or jump over them.

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