Gotham Knights Mission 2.2 – The Powers Club

In this mission, we will be investigating the Powers Clubs to check out rumors about the mysterious and elusive Court of Owls.

To begin this mission, you will need to track down Alfred on Tricorner Island. If you unlocked the fast travel point on this Island between missions. Alfred will be near it, on a rooftop on the west side of the Island.

2.2 map 1

Go to the blue circle where the quest marker will lead you. A cutscene will play, introducing Jacob Kane (and his friendship with Alfred).

2.2 blue circle alfred 1

After the cutscene plays, you can go to the Powers Club, just northeast of the Belfry. This will be shown as a yellow building icon on your map and AR. You can use fast travel to get here quicker, or you can just Batcycle over.

2.2 powers club map

Head towards the Powers Club. You will want to enter in via a greenhouse on the west rooftop, where the white diamond will be. Once you drop in, you can enter the door. You can look around the entrance, and then you can go straight into the room in front of you.

In this room, there will be two guards with masks. Clear them out however you wish; there are no bonus objectives. Once they are defeated, you can scan the blood trail on the ground. Follow it, and it will stop. Using AR, you can scan a Hidden Mechanism beneath the floor. After this, you can go upstairs and enter through the door above.

You get a bonus for clearing this room without being spotted. Scan all the enemies so you can avoid detection. There are two large rooms here, with one switch in each. Take this next part slowly, incapacitating only the guards who might spot you interacting with the two objects.

To the left of where you enter, there will be a bust, which will be highlighted yellow in AR (it will be near the piano, which is easier to see in AR). You will need to scan it with AR, then Stealth Takedown one guard in order to not be detected. Then, walk up and interact with it.

When you leave this room, go back towards where you came, but then look up above the landing you were on earlier. There will be an attic-like room with a hidden chest here, which you can go through to get to the other room with a switch.

The switch in this room is disguised as a book towards the back of the room, next to the staircase. Scan it, Stealth Takedown the guard near it, then activate the switch.

After that, you’ll need to clear the guards from the club. The trick here is to be patient and to target them as they walk away from allies. If they find a body, they will move around significantly more, which causes them to split up more, even though it means you do need to be aware of where each guard is.

2.2 sneaky
This guard is moving to somewhere isolated. Perfect target.

Once you’ve finished off the guards in this area, you can head back to the blood stains and hidden mechanism. The lamp near the blood stain can now be interacted with, and doing so will expose a spiral staircase. Follow it down, and then keep going along the path.

Eventually, you will get to a room with a projector, some bronze statue centerpieces, and a mural. First, you’ll need to go up to the mural on the far side. After you get a dialogue line remarking about it, you can turn around and scan the projector near the entrance of the room. Head back to it and activate it, which will reveal a flying owl shape on the mural. You’ll need to transform this owl shape until it looks like it is attacking. To do so, you’ll need to rotate the centerpieces.

2.2 puzzle start
How the puzzle will look when you turn on the projector

You should rotate each piece until a recorded voice line from the Voice of the Court plays, which will indicate that it is facing the right direction. You can also follow this solution. Going on the left side, starting with the piece closest to the projector, you can…

  1. Rotate the first piece once
  2. Rotate the second piece twice
  3. Rotate the third piece three times
  4. Rotate the fourth piece twice

Once the pieces are lined up, a grabbing owl will be formed by the silhouette, like so:

2.2 puzzle complete

A cutscene will play once you’ve got it right, opening up a secret passage and revealing a small group of Court of Owls Brawlers that you will need to defeat. Do so, then continue forward until you reach a section of wall that you can grapple on top of, triggering another cutscene.

gk funny cutscene
This cutscene is hilarious because of that dang dog

After the cutscene, a group of guards will feed into the room. The bonus objective is to perform 3 Silent Takedowns. To do so most efficiently, you should wait until all the guards have fed into the room, at which point you can silently takedown the last guard in the room from above. From here, you should be able to pick off the guards silently one-by-one. If you are detected before getting 3 Silent Takedowns, you can escape onto ledges using your smoke grenade to hide again.

Once you’ve cleared out those guards, more will feed into the room. Take out both waves of them out however you wish, then you can continue through the door and keep going forward.

You’ll come upon a bound man, and attempting to untie him will start a cutscene.

2.2 untie

After this cutscene, you’ll be deposited into the fiery deathtrap, featuring several obstacles that will kill you in one hit. Avoid the first by going to the far left or right, then weave through the middle between the spinning blades. Wait for the first to be finished in the next two obstacles, then go through the middle of the next spinning blades. Again, go past the next spinning blade when the fire stops, then run past the next obstacle by going far to the side and waiting. When you reach the vertical grinders, wait for an opening, then run through. Pass the last obstacle by going far to the left or right, then leap into the hole.

In a cutscene, you’ll fall up into a pit of bones and pick up a key. When the cutscene ends, go forward and jump onto the ledge at the back of the cave. Continue going forward until you can squeeze through a gap to escape. This will put you back in Gotham.

2.2 end

To finish the case, you’ll need to return to the Belfry. After a long cutscene, the mission will be completed.

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