Regulators Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

There are two types of Regulators. Normal Regulators are equipped with electric gear and will deal bioelectric status effects, while Regulators allied with Mr. Freeze have similar equipment, but deal Cryogenic status effects instead of shock. Mr. Freeze Regulators only begin appearing after beginning the Mr. Freeze case by visiting S.T.A.R. Labs.

Regulators drop Polymer, Graphene Fiber, Colloidal Crystals, and Promethium. They tend to be found in Historic and Lower Gotham, on the island at the bottom of the map. Because their district is close to the Belfry, you will tend to encounter them the most frequently.

gk shocker

Shockers are the main minibosses for Regulators, but are fairly easy to defeat. This is because their regular rank has only two possible attacks, both of which are easy to avoid once you know how they operate. One attack is an easily-dodged two-hit combo, which is one of the easiest attacks to Perfect Dodge in the game, while the other is an elemental slam, which hits in a small area around when he lands. The elemental effect from this slam will persist for a few seconds after his attack (until he stands back up), meaning you can’t easily capitalize with melee after he uses it. However, ranged attacks are still just as effective as ever, and he will remain vulnerable to melee attacks for a few moments after the elemental effect dissipates. Even late in the game, Shockers remain incredibly easy to deal with, so long as you keep in mind to not melee attack them immediately after their slam.

It should be noted that the Mr. Freeze variants of the Shocker are slightly deadlier, as the Cryogenic Status Effect can cause you to freeze in place until you are either hit, or until you are able to mash the action-button to escape. While you should rarely, if ever, actually be hit by the status effects from Regulators, it is good to keep in mind that, if you are, you may be left vulnerable.

Due simply to their ability to summon two drones, both of whom have a high rate of fire for their ranged attack, Drone Masters are surprisingly difficult enemies to face. Even if these drones are destroyed, she will simply summon more. These drones are unable to be targetted in melee, and their ranged attacks come frequently enough to interrupt your attack combos elsewhere. The best way to deal with them, then, is to simply defeat the Master, though her health is actually higher than you might expect, and so it can be tricky to land hits on her while also avoiding her drones’ gunfire. To make matters worse, Drone Masters can also summon low-hovering explosive drones that can act as mines. While these are easier to avoid, their small, low profile can allow them to occasionally sneak up on you while you are dealing with enemies elsewhere.

Though they are tough, though, Drone Masters have some noticeable weaknesses. The first of these is that they do not have melee attacks, and so can be attacked with impunity, so long as you remain mindful of surrounding enemies (such as her drones). On the other side of things, she also lacks any sort of real defense against ranged attacks, meaning that precision headshotting her with your ranged weapon can make quick work of her. And, once she is defeated, her drones will self-destruct, clearing three enemies with one. Because of this, in fact, it is usually best to prioritize defeating Drone Masters first, in order to avoid a constant stream of bullets.

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