Gotham Knights Mission 7.2 – Talia Al Ghul

We’re off to a classic Batman locale in this mission: Arkhum Asylum. Talia Al Ghul’s been using it as a hideout, and it seems she’s been conducting secret research in the ruins of the old asylum on Mercey Island.

At the start of this mission, you’ll need to exit the Belfry and go out on patrol. Arkham Asylum is in the northeastern corner of the map, on an island. Start tracking the mission if you aren’t already, and then head over there — the GPS should guide you right to the entrance. Walk up to the doors and hold button xbox a/button xbox x/ computer key e t to enter the Asylum’s grounds.

After the loading screen, you’ll be facing the main gate. Don’t follow the objective marker just yet, though — instead, turn right and follow the path downhill (1). Where it dead ends, you’ll find a chest (2).

Now you can head back up the path and follow the objective marker to the front doors of the asylum. Head through, and once inside, turn left and go up the stairs, still following the objective marker (1). At the top of the stairs you’ll see a large pod — scan it (2), and then turn left, where you’ll see a desk. Walk over and investigate it (3).

Investigating the desk will begin a puzzle involving some of the science involved in making the monsters you’ve been fighting recently.

Mark Serum V24.07 (the pink tube second from the left) and Genetic Marker Group M (the green tube second from the right), and then hit solve.

solarium investigation puzzle solution mission 7.2 talia al ghul gotham knights

After solving the puzzle, a cutscene will play. When it ends, the power will go out, and you’ll need to find the maximum security wing. Turn left, and go forwards while hugging the left wall (1), turning left when you reach the T-intersection (2).

Continue down the hallway, making your way past the reception desk and into the next hallway (1). Ignore the open doorways and keep going until you find the stairs. Go down them, and you’ll be forced to go right through a metal gate. Then go left and drop down into the elevator shaft (2), walk forward, and open the metal doors.

Once you’re through the doors, turn left and go through the open doorway, and you’ll find a chest on your left (1). Then head back to the hallway, turn left, and continue towards the control room at the far end of the hall (2). Enter the control room, walk over to the control panel, and hold button xbox a/button xbox x/ computer key e t to activate the backup generators (3).

With the lights back on, you can follow the objective marker back the way you came, down the hall and up the elevator shaft. Keep following the objective marker, and it will lead you to a set of wooden double doors. Go through them and you’ll end up back outside, where you’ll be attacked by some League assassins — make sure to time some Perfect Evades to get the bonus rewards. There are a couple of waves of enemies, and once you defeat the last one, the objective marker will guide you to some doors that lead back inside the Asylum’s main hall.

Inside, look at the balcony opposite the tank and the lab equipment you investigated earlier, and grapple up to the second floor (1). Then head into the elevator shaft indicated by the objective marker (2), walk to the far wall, and turn around. Look up, grapple to the open elevator doorway above you (3), and climb through.

Turn left and follow the objective marker down the hall, then open the doors on the right. Continue into the next hallway, and after turning right, go into the open doorway on your right — you’ll find a chest in this room (1). Then go back into the hallway and continue forwards, turning right twice to go through a broken section of wall. Look up, and you’ll be able to grapple up a floor (2). Then look up at the tower, and grapple into it (3).

Here, you’ll find some fancy sonic equipment — to proceed, you must solve a puzzle involving this equipment.

First, reset the sonic device (1). Then, you’ll need to interact with each of the displays (by standing in front of them and holding button xbox a/button xbox x/ computer key e t when the prompt appears) repeatedly until the display turns green. You have to do this in a specific order, indicated below (2, 3, 4, 5). Once you’ve interacted with the #2 device until it turns green, do the same for #3, and so on. If you make a mistake, you can reset it by hitting the panel (1) again.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, a cutscene will play. When it ends, jump down from the tower the way you came up, and follow the objective marker through the newly-opened doors. Continue following the marker into the elevator shaft, and fall down to the bottom. Climb out of the elevator and cross the lobby to where the large pod is — upon approaching it, you’ll discover that it’s empty(!!). You’ll need to investigate the pod, and then another cutscene will begin.

investigating the pod mission 7.2 talia al ghul gotham knights
This can’t be good…

Once the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself facing off against the Man-Bat. It’s pretty intimidating, but fortunately it’s a lot easier to avoid its attacks than the cutscene would lead you to believe. Here are some tips for defeating the Man-Bat:

  • Focus on avoiding its attacks, then counter-attacking after you dodge the last hit in its combo
    • All of its attacks are 1, 2, or 3 hit combos.
  • When it flies away, it always does a spinning charge attack after returning. Unlike other attacks, it doesn’t have the circular indicator as it’s charging up, so it can be tough to dodge.
  • Don’t use momentum abilities if the Man-Bat hasn’t flown away in a while — you don’t want to risk using them as it leaves.

Once you defeat the Man-Bat, you’ll get a disappointing cutscene in which you knock each other out, which is total BS if you’ve been dodging its attacks the whole fight. Another cutscene will play once you wake up at the Belfry, and when it ends you’ll earn your mission rewards!

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