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Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights are radiant events that spawn each night in Gotham. These are larger-scale crimes, with more dynamic tasks and requirements, than the regular, Random Crimes. They are also typically more difficult, but will give you higher rewards. They are also necessary for completing several challenges (most notably the Knighthood Challenge). You can tell when a crime is a Premeditated Crimes because it will be shown with a red triangle icon with a white symbol inside.

crimes icons
Premeditated Crimes are shown as red triangles with a symbol inside, whereas Random Crimes are shown as empty white or gray triangles

The purpose of this guide is to give you all the tools you need to take on all of the Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights. It also features a brief explanation for how to find Premeditated Crimes, and information on how to complete the bonus objectives from each of the Crimes.

gk informant
Interogating informants is always the most efficient way to find Premeditated Crimes

There are two ways to do this. The first is by interrogating informants. This will reveal any premeditated crimes happening that night, which you can go directly to. If you have revealed all the premeditated crimes that night, interrogating informants will instead add “Clues.” The more of these you have, the more premeditated crimes you will know about immediately the next night. If you want to know how to find informants, check out our How to Find Informants guide.

The second is by gathering clue tokens, which will be dropped and automatically picked up whenever you beat up criminals. These will always contribute towards the Clues that will reveal more premeditated crimes for the next night (the next time you leave the Belfry).

For more specific details, check out our How To Find Premeditated Crimes guide.

Brawl Assaults (gk criminal deal iconCriminal Deal, gk criminal in hiding iconCriminal in Hiding, gk criminal stronghold iconCriminal Stronghold, gk kidnapping in progress iconKidnapping in Progress)

gk criminal stronghold 1

There are several premeditated crimes where the objective is simple: you simply need to beat up all the criminals at the scene. When you arrive, the objectives shown will prompt you to “Defeat all enemies”. The number shown may increase, if more enemies arrive as later waves, but the goal remains the same. There is no time limit, and the only additional required objectives might be to retrieve objects (which can be done very simply after defeating the enemies). As such, these Premeditated Crimes come down to simple combat.

This is often reflected in the bonus objectives conditions, which typically require you to perform specific tasks in combat.

The best way to clear these kinds of premeditated crimes efficiently is to make use of your Momentum Abilities, to eliminate a few enemies via stealth when you approach, and to familiarize yourself with the enemies you will be facing (you can see our Enemy Guide for tips on that). Beyond that, all you need to do is get in there and beat up some baddies!

Objective Defense (gk illegal hack iconIllegal Hack, gk prison transport attack iconPrisoner Transport Attack, gk witness under attack iconWitness Under Attack)

gk witness under attack 1

These premeditated crimes requires you to defend an objective against enemies, who typically come in several waves. For Illegal Hacks, you must keep enemies away from a computer attached to an antenna. If enemies do use this computer, it’s percentage will slowly tick up to 100%, at which point you will fail. For Prisoner Transport Attack and Witness Under Attack, you must keep enemies away from a door to prevent its percentage from ticking down to 0%, resulting in the same failure state.

Similar to the previous Brawl Assault category of Premeditated Crimes, Objective Defense crimes typically give you objectives relating to combat. However, they are slightly more likely to give you simple observational objectives like marking enemies.

Again, these crimes are combat-oriented, and so much of the advice given for Brawl Assault crimes applies here: use Momentum Abilities, eliminate a couple of enemies via stealth first, and be familiar with the enemies you’re up against. However, because you are trying to keep enemies away from objectives, positioning becomes more important. During Objective Defense crimes, you should position yourself very close to the objective, to prevent enemies from accessing it. This becomes essential as the percentage gets closer and closer to failure.

Robberies (gk armed robbery iconArmed Robbery, gk armored truck robbery iconArmored Truck Robbery)

gk armed robbery 1

During robberies, a group of criminals are trying to steal all the money from a location. To do so, they will break into a vault or truck, and then slowly retrieve money bags, which they will then bring to their own vehicle. To succeed, you simply need to keep them from stealing all the money, as indicated by your tasks. The amounts are usually great enough that the enemies will get nowhere close to their goal, making these crimes very similar to brawls.

The bonus objective for a robbery is always the same: you must prevent the criminals from securing all the money. This will be accomplished automatically, if you complete the crime.

If you do find that enemies are getting away with money, the best thing to do is to damage enemies carrying or filling money bags. Any damage whatsoever causes them to drop the bags, and then they must go back for more (because money that touches the ground has cooties, I guess). This can easily delay them long enough for you to dispatch them.

gk bomb disarm iconBomb Disarm

gk bomb disarm 1

Bomb Disarmed premeditated crimes see you going up to three civilians with bombs strapped to them and disarming those bombs (each taking 5 seconds of uninterrupted action to disarm). If you are spotted by any of the patrolling enemies, they will activate the bombs, giving you one minute to defuse the remaining bombs or else fail the mission. It should be noted that the timer will only activate if YOU are spotted, not if evidence of your presence (such as unconscious bodies) are found.

One bonus objective that is always present for Bomb Disarm is for you to defeat all enemies, which you will likely do during the course of the mission. The other, which shows up only occasionally, is for you to use stealth takedowns versus marked targets (who will have little skull icons above them). So long as you are patient and careful, you should be able to do this without issue, though you will have to keep in mind that defeating these marked enemies during combat will cause you to fail your bonus objective.

This is one of the harder Premeditated Crimes, as it requires you to complete most or all of it unseen. Because you have to use stealth, the obvious advice for Bomb Disarm crimes is for you to be patient and take your time, taking out individual, isolated enemies until none remain. Disabling cameras (or using Batgirl’s skill that allows her to be undetected by cameras) is also useful and often required.

If you are caught, beginning the one minute timer, you have two options: if there are few foes and hostages left, you can clear them out and then still have time to rescue the hostages. If there are many enemies or hostages left, however, you will need to use your smoke bombs to detection, and then very quickly rush to the hostages, hoping you can free them before you are interrupted. Being detected early, however, will very often result in a failure, even using that method.

gk crime scenes iconCrime Scene

gk crime scene 3

There are no enemies as a crime scene. Rather, you simply need to investigate a crime and figure out where to look for the perpetrators (though you do not need to deal with them.

This is the easiest premeditated crime in the game. To complete it, you simply need to interact with the crime scene, scan around to find all 5 clues, and then mark the only one that mentions a specific location. Press solve and walk away. Easy as pie.

gk crime scene 6
Example of a Crime Scene clue with a specific location (Old Gotham) mentioned

gk illegal shipment iconIllegal Shipment

Illegal Shipments are one of the more difficult crimes in the game. They requires you to chase down a fleeing truck vehicle, and then press a button prompt to stop it. While you are pursuing the truck with your Batcycle (since it is the only way to go fast enough), it will drop bombs on the road you will need to avoid, or else take damage and be slowed. Once you are alongside the vehicle, you will need to press the button prompted, completing the crime.

While this seems simple enough, it actually requires very tight driving, as it is very easy for the shipment to get away if you are slowed down even momentarily. As such, it is better to drive safe (avoiding drifts or fancy maneuvers). If you aren’t hitting obstacles, you will eventually catch up with the shipment, where you can stop it.

gk officers in trouble iconOfficers Under Attack

gk officers under attack 1

Officers are under attack by a few enemies. You just have to take out the enemies before they kill the officers. There isn’t much room for stealth here, so this essentially becomes a brawl, with officer life bars (shown at the top of the screen) serving as timers. Enemies will usually be distracted enough by you that the officers won’t be in any danger of dying.

The bonus objectives for this crime are always combat-related.

The only difficulty you might have for these crimes is when the officers in question are facing off against the League of Shadows. Their Assassins are (perhaps unsurprisingly) very effective at damaging officers. If you do find yourself facing the league of shadows, you should clear the Rocketeers immediately, and then stand near your officers and wait for the Assassins to come to you. If total officer health starts getting low (especially if one or more of them die), then you should start hovering around very close too them to block enemies and draw their attacks.

gk organ trafficking iconOrgan Trafficking

gk organ theft 1

An Organ Theft requires you to go somewhere, scan an organ (which will always be in a cylindrical cryogenic container), and then pick it up and bring it to an ambulance. Once you pick up the organ, or once you are spotted, you will have two minutes to get the organ to the ambulance before it expires, failing the mission.

So long as you use stealth to acquire organ, this should be a cakewalk. To do so, make sure to disable cameras and avoid sightlines. You do not need to take out every enemy (or even any enemy), so long as you acquire the organ. If you are spotted, the organ will begin to expire, so you should go to pick it up as soon as possible, though beware that this can be interrupted. Once you have it, beeline out (even if you leave behind enemies) and go straight towards the ambulance. At higher levels, there may be some easy enemies to dispatch at the ambulance before you can deposit the organ, so be sure not to dally, so that you have time to take them out if need be.

gk organ theft 3

gk owl s nest iconOwl’s Nest

gk owl nest 2

To complete an Owl’s Nest Premeditated Crime, you must first find the “hidden” Court of Owls door, which will always be obvious in AR. After waiting eons for it to open, you must then beat up any enemies already there, then go towards the chest to activate a trap, forcing you to survive against a few waves of against Court of Owls Talons.

So long as you review the strategies on out Court of Owls faction guide, you should be able to defeat all your pursuers and succeed at the crime. Abilities can be very useful here, as most will work through Feral and Hunter dodges. At higher levels, many enemies will resurrect after a short while, made obvious by their health bar stopping at the lowest point, so be prepared for that. If Court of Owls Talons usually give you trouble, then bringing Toxic Resist gear can be very useful.

After defeating all the Talons and completing the crime, don’t forget to go back to the trapped chest, which you can now loot.

gk most wanted

Most Wanted Enemies begin appearing late in the game, and will only appear during some Very High difficulty crimes (which you can see on the map). There is no way of knowing if a given Very High difficulty crime will have a Most Wanted enemy, but combat-oriented crimes like Brawl Assaults, Robberies, and Objective Defense spawn more enemies, and therefor have increased likelihood of having Most Wanted Enemies.

The enemies themselves are lackluster, usually just being versions of a champion enemy with increased health and damage. If you can take on a faction’s champions (see our Enemies guide), you can take these guys on. Not only does defeating them give you the rewards from their associated Most Wanted challenge, but they also tend to drop legendary mods and blueprints.

Now that you know how to take on Premeditated Crimes, it’s time for you to get out there and clean the mean streets of Gotham! Remember to check out our enemies guide if any of the enemies give you any trouble. Either way, good luck crimefighting, vigilante!

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