How to Find Premeditated Crimes – Gotham Knights

Want to find premeditated crimes in Gotham in order to earn their rewards, complete challenges, or accomplish missions? Look no further: this guide will tell you all about the several methods of finding them, as well as how clues work.

Premeditated Crimes and Clues in Gotham Knights

gk clues
Clues will reveal premeditated crimes the next night

Find out about premeditated crimes. There are two ways to do this. The first is by interrogating informants. This will reveal any premeditated crimes happening that night, which you can go directly to. If you have revealed all the premeditated crimes that night, interrogating informants will instead add “Clues.” The more of these you have, the more premeditated crimes you will know about immediately the next night. If you want to know how to find informants, check out our How to Find Informants guide.

The second is by gathering clue tokens, which will be dropped and automatically picked up whenever you beat up criminals. These will always contribute towards the Clues that will reveal more premeditated crimes for the next night (the next time you leave the Belfry).

gk informant interrogate
Interrogating informants is the quickest way to find premeditated crimes

If you want to know whether or not you have uncovered all the premeditated crimes for the night, you can do so by checking each district using your map. In the example below, there is one premeditated crime that I know about (indicated by the red “!” symbol in the bottom right corned). This is the Armed Robbery that is taking place to the northwest of the Belfry. However, there is also one premeditated crime that I don’t know about, as shown by the “?” symbol next to the “!” symbol. This means that I will need to interrogate informants in order to find it.

gk premeditated map
In the financial district, there is one premeditated crime that I know about (the red Armed Robbery triangle). However, the map indicates that there is another that I have not yet uncovered. I will need to interrogate informants to learn about them.

Once you know that a premeditated crime is taking place, you will need to find yourself to it. There are two methods of doing so: you can either mark it on your map or, if you are within 500 meters of it, you can use your AR vision, where it will be pinged.

Of course, once you get to the crime, you will then have to complete it, and some of them can be quite demanding, so keep an eye out for our Premeditated Crime Guide, coming soon. Until then, keep the streets of Gotham clean, now that you know where to look for crime!

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