Harley Quinn – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Harley Quinn is a major boss you will fight during Villain Case HQ1.4: Chaos in General. The fight will technically have four phases: Harley alone, then a quick fight with adds with Harley’s return soon after, then Harley by herself again.

Case: Villain Case HQ1.4: Chaos in General.
Recommended level: 18-21
Rewards: 5280XP, 1x Heroic Melee Weapon of your Level, (Silver Trophy) “Universal Health Scare”

Quick Tips:

  • Wait out Harley’s combos before attacking.
  • Be careful with landing explosives (watch out for two red circles on her hands).
  • In the last phase, beware of quicker attacks, especially Harley’s explosive projectiles.

A lot of the fight with Harley involves dodging from her hammer.

Two Red Circles = Explosives. She will occasionally lob 3 explosives that will land in a line. They are easy to avoid, but you should stay mindful of them, as they will deal a lot of damage if you get caught in their explosion. You can tell these are coming when the one red circle on her hammer becomes two red circles on her hands.

Dodge Until An Opening. Watch out for Harley’s combos. While she has obvious openings, you should wait until you know her combo is over. Especially dangerous is her spinning hammer move after her leap into the air.

gk harley trophy

Be careful getting close to the electrified hospital beds in phase one. They will explode if you get too close, and you will have only a moment to dodge out of the way to avoid damage.

When Harley is at about 3/4 health, there will be a short cutscene. Harley will flee, leaving behind a bunch of her devotees for you to deal with in the locked room.

After you dispatch them, Harley will show back up alongside more devotees.

Divide Focus. So long as you play slowly enough to dodge, these mooks shouldn’t pose too much trouble. They will respawn for a while, and so it is best to divide your focus between Harley and her devotees.

At about 1/3 health, you will break Harley’s mind control device.

She will get new moves and combos in her arsenal, making her more unpredictable. Play reactively.

New Ranged Move, Harder to Dodge. The fight from here on is largely the same as phase one, though she has a few more options. Most notably, she gains a new ranged move, where she will toss three projectiles directly at you. The quick timing can make this difficult to dodge, especially if you are expecting her bombs.

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