Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.3 – Quartz Labs

This mission will see you putting your detective skills to good use by investigating a recent attack by Mr. Freeze at Quartz Labs in order to figure out what his grand plan may be.

Unlike most other missions, Quartz Labs can only be accessed in the Belfry by opening your Batcomputer, navigating to it in the “Case Files” menu, and launching it manually.

freeze 1 launch mission

Once you launch the mission, you’ll be sent straight to the outside of Quartz Labs, where a robbery is taking place. Out front will be a group of cryo-armed Regulators watching the entrance, including three snipers. The snipers are easy to take out via stealth, and then you can deal with the remaining five goons in whatever way you see fit.

freeze 2 regulators outside

After clearing out the Regulators, you’ll be prompted to enter Quartz Labs. You won’t do this via the front door, but rather should look to the left of it to find an alternate entrance marked with a white objective marker, which you can squeeze through. Continue forward, grappling through the vent in front of you, until you reach the main lab.

Here, there will be a group of Regulators who you must take out. Your bonus objective will be to perform 3 Silent Takedowns, which is easy enough if you stick to the rafters and perform Takedowns on enemies on the upper level (where they tend to stay more separate). After performing these Takedowns, you can take out the rest however you wish, but beware that a few more will spawn if you are detected.

freeze 3 silent takedown

After taking out the Regulators, you’ll need to open the vault door. The control panel to do so is in the raised section of the room, directly opposite vault door in question on a desk. Scan and then interact with it to open the door, which will free two Shockers you’ll need to take care of.

Once they are taken care of, scan the frozen body of the man inside vault with your AR. After that, you’ll need to interact with three objects in this vault. Look to the left to scan a torn blueprint on the wall (1), then look down to scan a notepad next to the dead scientist (2). Finally, walk to the right to play a Dictaphone (3).

After scanning these items, you’ll be told to go to Dr. Upshot’s office, which is in the control room upstairs. Head there and interact with the keycard scanner to get in. Once inside, you can use AR to find a hidden compartment to your right. Scanning it will open it, and then you can grab the disruptor inside.

freeze 9 hidden compartment

After grabbing the disruptor, a short piece of dialog will play, and then you’ll be taken back to the Belfry. Once you load in, the mission will be completed, unlocking Freeze Mission 1.4 – Gotham City On Ice.

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