How to Get All Batcycle Skins and Colorways – Gotham Knights

Similar to the Suits in Gotham Knights, the Batcycle has a variety of skins, called “Styles,” and skin palettes, called “Colorways” you can unlock to customize it. The Styles will change the look of your Batcycle, while the Colorways will change that Style’s color scheme, and it can be changed for each character individually. This means that all four characters can have their own version of the Batcycle to match their style.

The only place you can swap out the Styles and Colorways is back at the Belfry. Walk over to the table with the motorbike on it, to the right of the computer area. A tutorial notification will pop up if this is the first time you have done so.

When you interact with the table, an interface will come up: here, you can change the Style by cycling through the options in the top part of the screen, and then all of the Colorways (palettes) by going towards the bottom. You will be able to see how all the different Styles and Colorways look, even if you haven’t unlocked them yet.

batcycle customization screen gotham knights

There are a total of 32 Colorways for the Batcycle. You will unlock the vast majority of these by completing the various Batcycle Time Trials and Character Time Trials. The only exceptions are the Steel, Blackout, and Cool Colorways. There are 7 Batcycle Styles, with one of them available by default, two offered through additional purchases, and the other four obtained through the Kelvin Incident event.

Below we will go over what all the Batcycle Styles and Colorways are, as well as how to unlock them.

Only one of the 7 Styles, the Interceptor, is available in the game by default, so don’t be surprised if you can’t cycle through any options aside from the Colorways.

  • Interceptor Style — Available by Default.
  • 233 Kustom Style — Pre-Order Exclusive.
  • BOSO22 Style — Unlocked with a purchase of Batman: Gotham Knights — Gilded City #1 comic.
  • Shepard Style — Earned while going through the Kelvin Incident event.
  • Tribute Mr. Freeze Style — Earned while going through the Kelvin Incident event.
  • Tribute Clayface Style — Earned while going through the Kelvin Incident event.
  • Tribute Harley Quinn Style — Earned while going through the Kelvin Incident event.

More than a half of the Batcycle Colorways will be unlocked from the individual Character Time Trials. The rest are either unlocked in the Batcycle Time Trials, by collecting all of the Batarangs, completing the story, or from the Heroic Assault Mode.

How to Unlock
Default Colorway
Character Trial: Complete Robin’s 2nd Time Trial
Black Adam
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 2nd Batcycle Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Robin’s 4th Time Trial
Grey Ghost
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 7th Batcycle Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Batgirl’s 4th Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Batgirl’s 4th Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Robin’s 1st Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Nightwing’s 2nd Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 1st Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Batgirl’s 3rd Time Trial
Signature Gordon
Character Trial: Complete Batgirl’s 1st Time Trial
Signature Drake
Character Trial: Complete Robin’s 5th Time Trial
Signature Grayson
Character Trial: Complete Nightwing’s 1st Time Trial
Signature Todd
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 5th Time Trial
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 3rd Batcycle Time Trial
Hot Pink
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 1st Batcycle Time Trial
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 6th Batcycle Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Batgirl’s 5th Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 2nd Time Trial
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 4th Batcycle Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Nightwing’s 3rd Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 3rd Time Trial
Collect all 60 Batarangs
Gun Metal
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 1st Time Trial
Complete the game’s story
Character Trial: Complete Nightwing’s 4th Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Red Hood’s 4th Time Trial
Given as a reward in the Heroic Assault Mode
Character Trial: Complete Nightwing’s 5th Time Trial
Character Trial: Complete Robin’s 3rd Time Trial
Batcycle Trial: Complete the 5th Batcycle Time Trial
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