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As you complete missions, crimes, challenges, defeat enemies, and loot chests, you will gather materials and blueprints. While you will also loot suits and weapons you can equip, you will be in much more control over your Loadout if you craft some of your own: to replace your old items with higher level gear or to get something that’s more effective for your build.

In addition, crafting is the only way to unlock Suit Styles and Suit Colorways.

To craft, open up Batcomputer and navigate to the Gear menu, then select the Crafting sub-menu. There you will be able to see all of the materials you have collected so far, as well as pick between the Suits, Melee, and Ranged Weapons to craft.

crafting menu gotham knights

The number to the right of each Blueprints category indicates how many different items are available to craft in that category. If you see a green cog icon next to a category, that means you can craft a new item that is superior to your current loadout.

Note: You can craft new items in the Belfry or while patrolling, but you’ll only be able to access newly crafted items once you’ve returned to Belfry.

In order to craft anything, you will need Blueprints. Blueprints is something you will be able to pick up from Batman’s stashes, as mission completion rewards, as well as from a few select enemies.

These Blueprints will each have a name (which will not always be unique), a Power Level (large number), a Level, a Rarity (color of the level), an Element (Poison, Frost, Fire, and Electricity), and a list of stats unique to its type. We will go over these below. (The color of the Power Level, just as with any equippable item, will indicate whether the item you are about to craft is an upgrade or a downgrade to your currently equipped piece of gear.)

Some craftable gear will come with mod slots where you will be able to insert the mod chips you have looted, to further customize the stats of a piece of gear.

  • Unique Stats:
    • Defense
    • Health
    • Elemental Armor
    • Elemental Resistance
    • Momentum Generation
    • Conditional Stats

Suits are your armor. They provide Defense and Elemental protection, and they boost your Health. Another feature unique to Suits are Styles and Colorways: when you craft a Suit with a specific Style or a Colorway (a palette), you unlock it. You can then equip this look on your character independently of the stats.

  • Unique Stats:
    • Damage
    • Critical Chance
    • Critical Damage

Melee weapons are tailored to your character: Nightwing’s upgrade options will be Escrima Sticks, Robin’s will be various types of Bo Staff, etc. However, the stats and look of each weapon type can vary quite a bit.

  • Unique Stats:
    • Damage
    • Critical Chance
    • Critical Damage

Your character always has both a Melee and a Ranged Weapon equipped, so it’s important to make sure both slots have the best possible gear in them. Like melee weapons, ranged weapons are specific to each character.

Salvage is required for crafting any piece of equipment. You will probably have an abundance of lower-rarity materials, but the higher-grade gear will require rarer Salvage for crafting. You can Disassemble surplus gear to help yourself towards that goal, but the most effective way of obtaining these materials will be through completing missions, crimes, challenges, defeating enemies, and looting stashes.

crafting menu salvage drop example gotham knights

If you’re looking for a specific crafting material, you can select it in the Crafting menu to see what enemies drop it. For example, in the image above, you can see that Promethium only drops from Regulators. You can see where the various factions are active on the game’s map in order to find specific enemies (and therefore specific crafting materials).

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