Gotham Knights Mission 4.1 – Mark Hendricks

In this mission, you will be meeting with and rescuing a contact who will help you learn more about the upcoming Masquerade Ball at the Orchard Hotel (in Bruce Wayne’s honor).

First, you’ll need to head to the quest marker for “Meet Mark Hendricks” on Tricorner Island. This is very near to where you tracked Alfred in Mission 2.2 – The Powers Club.

mission 4 1 mark hendricks map

Once you get to the location, you’ll see an abandoned car underneath a checkpoint. It will have it’s door open and a body nearby. Approach the car, and some dialogue will play before a radio broadcast will activate the next waypoint.

The waypoint will reveal that Mark Hendricks, your contact, has been chased further into the facility. Continue heading in the direction the car was. On the other side of the building directly in front of you, a Court of Owls gang will be attempting to break into a locked door, where Mark Hendricks is presumably located.

At this point, the task is identical to the Witness Under Attack premeditated crime. You will need to take out the enemies here, which include Court of Owls Brawlers, Shooters, and Talons, and then defeat two subsequent waves. You will also be given two bonus objectives, but these will be random from the list of possible Witness Under Attack bonus objectives. If the enemies are giving you trouble (particularly the Talons), then see our Court of Owls Faction Guide.

mission 4 1 mark hendricks crime
Defeat 3 waves of Court of Owls goons to save Mark Hendricks

Once you’ve completed the crime, Mark Hendricks will open the door and clue you in about the Masquerade Ball (by giving you unlabeled “Intel”). After this point, the next time you return to the Belfry a cutscene will play. After this cutscene, Mission 4.1 – Mark Hendricks will be completed and you can move on to Mission 4.2 – The Orchard Hotel.

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