Gotham Knights Case CF01: Clayface

The Clayface side missions are part of the CF01: Clayface Case File, which is a “secret” case file that requires some specific steps to unlock.

How to Unlock the Clayface Case File

clayface muggings mission cf 1.1 the malleable mugger gotham knights v2

To access the Clayface missions, you’ll first need to have completed the final mission in Case 02: The Rabbit Hole. With that completed, Faceless Muggers will appear in West End (the district just northwest of the Belfry) — these crimes show up as upside down orange triangles on the AR scanner. Defeat 5 Faceless Muggers and return to the Belfry to unlock the Clayface Case File.

Note that unlike the main story missions or premeditated crimes, you can only access the Clayface Case File missions while you’re in the Belfry. Go into the Batcomputer menu and select it from the list on the Case Files Page. Once there, select the available mission and hit the Launch button.

clayface missions how to activate gotham knights

To see a walkthrough for a specific Clayface mission, select one from the options below. This walkthrough is a work in progress, and will be updated regularly until it is complete.

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