Time to Beat – Gotham Knights

Anyone with a limited amount of time to play games each day — or people who can’t even play every day — needs to know what they’re getting themselves into when they purchase a new game. This is especially important with a game like Gotham Knights; open world RPGs tend to be longer on average than other single player games. So how long does it take to beat Gotham Knights?

Time to Beat Main Story

While this will obviously differ from player to player (people who die more will go a bit slower), most people are reporting that the main story takes about 10-15 hours to beat.

Again, your experience may vary, but the majority of players spend about 25-30 hours in total to beat both the main story and all the optional content. This includes not only the extra missions, but grabbing all the collectibles, achievements, and unlocking all the Suit Styles and Colorways.

Have other questions about the game? Want to let us know how long the game took you? Let us know in the comments below!

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