Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.1 – Heist at S.T.A.R. Labs

This is the first mission in Mr. Freeze’s Villain Case, and serves as an introduction to the character, his allies, and the premise behind his villainy. As the name implies, it sees you interrupting an ongoing heist at S.T.A.R. labs, which you quickly learn has been orchestrated by Mr. Freeze.

In order to start this quest, you’ll need to head to the orange quest marker at S.T.A.R. Labs, which is at the southwest tip of Gotham. The quest marker will be labelled “?.? – Heist at S.T.A.R. Labs,” since the Bat-family isn’t yet aware of who is behind the crime.

1 map 1

Once you get to S.T.A.R. labs, go to the lower rooftop and look for the white diamond indicating where to go next. There will be a lone Regulator Shooter who you can take out just outside the entrance.

Once inside, you can follow the vent you entered from up to the big fan, and then look up in order to grapple up to the next level. Then, you’ll need to crouch through narrower vents until you reach an opening to your right.

There will be two regulators in this room. You can take them out with Silent Takedowns. After you take them out, continue past where they were and down the hallway. Grab the chest at the end, then go into the next room, to your right.

4 chest

In this room, you’ll need to defeat the Regulator goons all around. Since your bonus objective will be to perform 3 Silent Takedowns, the best practice here is to grapple on top of the structure in front of you as you enter the room, mark the guards throughout the room, and take them out as they split up and isolate from each other. If you are spotted before you get your Silent Takedowns, you can use your smoke grenades to grapple away and cause the guards to lose sight of you, allowing you to get more Silent Takedowns.

5 silent takedowns

After you’ve cleared out the guards, go to the opposite side of the room from where you entered, to the U-shaped desk. Behind it there will be a chest you can grab, then interact with the console. Your camera will reveal a blast door opening, which you can grapple through in order to get to the next room.

6 chest and progress

Here, you’ll need to defeat both the two guards and disable the turret. You should be able to take out the two guards without the turret seeing you, and then disabling the turret is as simple as either attacking it where it can’t see you, or walking up and interacting with it.

After clearing the room, you can leave out the door, continue through the hallway and up the stairs, and then go through the door to your left. This room will also need to be cleared, with the bonus objective being to remain undetected. So long as you are patient and wait for the guards to face opportune directions, this should be relatively easy, as all the guards are fairly isolated from one another and often distracted.

After clearing the room, you can head back to the huge screen in the center of the room where one of the Regulators was working. Interacting with it will trigger a brief cutscene that will reveal who is behind the operation: Mr. Freeze.

7 mr freeze

After this, you can continue through the door in front of you, then grapple up to the next level and take out the guard who will be milling about near the grapple-point. Go to your left and down some stairs in order to get a chest, and then return back the way you came and leap over the turnstiles to get to the next section.

8 chest

Here, you’ll simple need to take out the Regulators in the room. You can do so entirely stealthily without much error, or you can brawl with the criminals. After clearing the room, a white diamond will direct you to Mr. Freeze’s footsteps, near a frozen body. Once you scan them (they will be yellow in AR), then the trail will appear. Follow it through the next door and hallway until a cutscene plays, introducing the Drone Master enemy.

9 footsteps

Once the cutscene ends, you will be in stealth. Because the Drone Master is incredibly deadly, in fact being one of the hardest minibosses to deal with in the game at higher levels, you should go to her and get a stealth strike in order to take out a lot of her health. Once you’ve done that, continue beating her until you are able to grab her, allowing you to get a high-damage Grab Strike which ought to finish her off before she can really fight you. After you’ve taken her out, the rest of the Regulators here will attack you, and you’ll need to defeat them as well. If you find yourself in combat with her, you can use our Regulators Faction Guide to help you deal with her and her allies.

After taking out the Regulators in this room, you can go back to following Mr. Freeze’s yellow-highlighted trail. It will lead into a side room next to where you fought the Regulators, and there will be a chest in the back corner of this side room.

10 chest

After grabbing it, continue following the footsteps to the back of the room. Some ice will break, exposing a grapple point into a vent, which you can follow until you reach a door to “Cryo Storage”. Look up to grapple to the next level, and then enter in the next room from the beams on the ceiling. There will be two guards in this room, and two guards on the opposite side of the next room.

11 grapple

Once you’ve taken out the second pair of guards, you can enter the wide open room with a column of ice in the center leading up to a hole in the ceiling. Grapple through that hole, then continue forward through the door in front of you and down the hallway.

12 grapple

Going through another door will bring you to an empty room with observational glass. Right in front of you will be a console you can interact with to open a metal blast door. A cutscene will play, introducing Mr. Freeze and his scheme.

13 mr freeze

After this cutscene, some Regulators will pour into the room. Before you deal with them, though, you’ll need to begin rotating the railgun, directly in front of you. There will be a console in front of you with a white objective circle, which you can approach and interact with to begin that process.

After beginning the railgun’s rotation, you will need to deal with the Regulators while the percentage ticks up. Lots of enemies, including Drone Masters, will feed into the room regularly. This can be challenging, so if you find yourself struggling it might be useful to consult our Regulators Faction Guide, which lists strategies for each Regulator enemy type.

Once the percentage on the console you activated earlier reaches 100% (probably while you are fighting the Regulators) another console just to the left of the one you activated earlier will display an objective marker and can be interacted with, this time to “Power up the railgun.” You can interact with it either while you are fighting the Regulators, or after you’ve dealt with them.

Once you’ve powered up the railgun and defeated the first wave of Regulators, a very short cutscene will introduce the Shocker enemy type, which will begin the second wave of Regulators. The bonus objective will require you to avoid taking damage, which will require careful dodging and focus.

After defeating this second wave, you will be able to fire the railgun. Head to the upstairs part of this room and go to the glowing-yellow console. Interact with it, triggering the railgun to fire. Once it does, a cutscene will play, and then you’ll be brought back out to Gotham.

The next time you return to the Belfry, there will be a “Mr. Freeze” icon at the center of the room that you can interact with to trigger a cutscene setting up the next Mr. Freeze missions. After this cutscene plays, the mission will be completed, and the next mission, FR01: 1.2 – Cold Front, will be unlocked.

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