Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.2 – Cold Front

In this mission, you will need to track down and defeat regulators in order to use their cryogenic weaponry to track Mr. Freeze’s whereabouts.

This is one of the simplest missions in the game, only requiring you to complete five Regulator crimes while on patrol in Gotham. These can be either random crimes or premeditated crimes.

1 mission objective
Though it doesn’t say, they do have to be Regulator crimes

2 random icon
Random Crime Icon

For the former, you can find random Regulator crimes by patrolling the southernmost island of Gotham (where the Belfry is) until you find upside-down white triangles in your AR. These will lead you to Regulator crimes, where you’ll only need to defeat two to four enemies. Once you have this mission, some of the crimes on the other islands of Gotham will also be replaced by Regulator crimes, though this is not guaranteed, so it is best to stay south.

3 premeditated crime icon
Premeditated Crime Icon

The other option is to complete Regulator premeditated crimes. You can do so by locating premeditated crimes (either by interrogating informants or by gathering clues on previous nights) and then hovering over their icons on the map. The icons will tell you which gang is committing which crimes; if it says “Regulators,” you are in luck.

4 map

At any of these crimes, you may encounter tough Regulator enemies like Drone Masters and Shockers, and if they are giving you trouble, you can always refer to our Regulators Faction Guide for advice to deal with them. Or, if you’re heading to stop a Regulator-run Premeditated Crime, you can check out our Premeditated Crimes Guide to see how best to tackle them.

After you’ve stopped these crimes, this mission will be automatically completed, unlocking FR01: 1.3 – Quartz Labs.

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