Batgirl Skill Guide: How to Level Up Batgirl – Gotham Knights

Skills in Gotham Knights are a core part of character progression, giving you sometimes massive boosts to your abilities, or even unlocking new utilities or moves themselves. These are purchased via Ability Points, which are earned from a variety of sources, like leveling up, completing certain challenges, or finding collectible sets. As you get more (and you can see how to do so with this guide), you might be wondering how best to spend them, since each character has 4 completely unique skill trees with a wide variety of skills.

The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out how best to spend your Ability Points for Batgirl, giving you level-by-level suggestions for what to purchase next. In order to get the most out of this guide, you should only purchase Perfect Evade (Marked “1”) before completing your Knighthood Challenge in order to unlock the Knighthood skill tree.

In order, the skills you should purchase are:

gk batgirl skill guide
  1. Perfect Evade – Justice
  2. HP + – Grit
  3. Remote Hacking – Oracle
  4. Shocking Devices – Oracle
  5. Digital Ghost – Orcale
  6. Health Regen – Knighthood
  7. Elite Beatdown – Justice
  8. Piercing Beatdown – Justice
  9. Unflinching Heavy Strike – Grit
  10. Heavyweight – Justice
  11. Grapple Pull – Knighthood
  12. Critical Expertise – Justice
  13. Precise Strikes – Justice
  14. Critical Focus – Justice
  15. Gear Overclocking – Oracle
  16. Enhanced Combo – Knighthood
  17. Hacking Overload – Oracle
  18. Enemy Counter Focus – Grit
  19. Super Health Packs – Oracle
  20. Health Packs + – Oracle
  21. Fear Takedown – Knighthood
  22. Drone Firepower – Knighthood
  23. Drone Ambush Blast – Knighthood
  24. Second Wind – Grit
  25. Vigilante Resolve – Grit
  26. Second Wind + – Grit
  27. Sense of Victory – Grit

Note that this is just a recommended order for maximum efficiency, based on the utility provided by each skill. If you don’t want to follow this guide exactly, then you should keep in mind that, typically, skills that unlock new techniques should be prioritized, and that skills that complement each other (for example, those that improve criticals or health packs) should be purchased in blocks to maximize their benefit.

Now that you know how best to spend your AP for Batgirl, you are ready to take on Gotham and start earning those Ability Points. Or, maybe you want to check out the Skill Guides for the other characters, to make sure your whole Bat-Family is ready to go. And when you are ready to get all of the Ability Points, to eventually unlock all the skills for every character, you should see our “How to Max Out the Skill Trees” guide to find out how.

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