gotham knights new game+ will raise level cap, reset story, make monsters harder, but keep progression
Game: Gotham Knights
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: October 21, 2022

Some folks have been noting that New Game+ for Gotham Knights is actually not sounding too shabby so far, and rightfully so!

Folks who got their copy of the game early have been sharing their screenshots of the NG+, and here is one of them from u/TheExpendible on Reddit:

new game plus gotham knights level cap story reset harder monsters
As a note, the maximum level prior to NG+ is 30

Something quite interesting here is the story reset, with your character progression kept and level cap increased. In essence, this is playing the game on higher difficulty, but with a chance to min-max those Skill Trees even further, for an ultimate character build. It’s not as common for the games to change the experience upon the reset, so the opportunity to keep improving your character has been quite welcomed by the community.

Now, there still remain some questions… do collectibles carry over? Will this mean that all of the remaining skills can now be unlocked? How will this affect side mission progression? Are there special collectibles or secrets to be found on NG+?

Thankfully, some of us already got our copies, so the matter of answering these questions is just completing the game. For the rest of us, our adventure with Gotham Knights begins tomorrow!

Are you excited to hop in? Already playing? Are you one of the early achievers, already playing in NG+? Let us know in the comments below!

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