Gotham Knights Console Patch Now Live – Fixes for Crashes, Invincible Enemies

Hot on the heels of the PC patch, the console patch for Gotham Knights is now available! The patch fixes some stability issues, for both general crashes and crashes that appeared when players were using mods or fusing mods. The list of changes is brief, and doesn’t include performance improvements — those are apparently coming, but when is not clear. Earlier this week, we were told that “The [Gotham Knights] team is hard at work on a larger Patch to improve performance overall and give you the best possible experience”.

Still, fixes for crashes are always welcome, and the invincible enemies were pretty annoying. Read on to see the full notes!

Gotham Knights Console Patch Notes 10/28/2022

This patch fixes a number of stability issues that have been found since launch.


  • Flickering textures while on the bike and paused in front of the gate, will no longer happen.


  • When dropping down from a ledge/beam, you will no longer jump forward.
  • Invincible enemies playing a “meditating” animation will no longer appear in crimes.


  • General stability issue with destructible objects has been fixed.
  • Some general crashes throughout the title will no longer occur.
  • Crashes specifically tied to mod/fusing has been fixed.
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