Gotham Knights Console Patch 11/10/2022 – Fixes for Collectibles, Crashes

A new patch for console versions of Gotham Knights is now available — the change list is short, but it includes some pretty important stuff. Rewards for Historia Strigidae and Batarang tracking have been fixed, as has the “Cosmic” Batcycle colorway, which wasn’t unlocking for some players. Much like Monday’s PC update, this update also includes stability improvements that should reduce the number of crashes players experience. Finally, community messages should now be properly localized (i.e. in your native language).

In the official Discord, the WB Games rep who shared today’s patch notes also stated that another PC patch will be released next week; what that patch would contain was not specified. You can find the full patch notes for today’s console update below!

  • Fix for “Cosmic” Batcycle colorway not being unlocked properly
  • Rewards fix for Historia Strigidae collectibles
  • Tracking fix for Batarang collectibles 
  • Community messages fix for proper localization 
  • Crash fixes
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