A Bug Fix For Gotham Knights’ PC Matchmaking Is Live

Considering the troubled launches for other recent big budget open world games, it feels like a minor miracle that Gotham Knights has had a relatively bug-free first few days. Still, in any game of its size, there are going to be issues — one that cropped up recently involved PC matchmaking. Fortunately, this bug is apparently squashed, with the official Twitter for the game reporting as such just a few minutes ago. It is worth noting that this bug is server side, so you won’t need to update your game.

Gotham Knights’ untethered co-op is one of its selling points — not to mention the reason for the game’s relatively steep system requirements — so any issues that render the feature unusable are clearly a high priority for the team. While it’s nice to see the developers fixing bugs so quickly, one does feel a bit of sympathy for the WB Games Montréal employees clearly working overtime this weekend. Perhaps some day publishers will finally start caring about dev teams, and all games will come out on Monday.

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