“Gotham Knights Batgirl Thicc” Is a Trending Search on Google… And It Seems That Nightwing Got Neglected

Since Gotham Knights released the Internet has been going nuts over Batgirl’s… assets. Wait, no. They were doing that before. Nerds were drooling over that since at least the 1990s. But Gotham Knights kicked it into overdrive, and turned it into a meme. YouTubers, of course, are posting videos that make sure to zoom in on… certain features. Redditors are posting about it. Tumblr users are riled up too — though they think she stole her impressive girth from Nightwing.

Since she is one of the four playable characters, you might be looking at Batgirl’s back quite a bit in the game: as she ziplines between buildings, carves around the Gotham City on the Batcycle, and… uh…

Executes her impressive combos.

gotham knights batgirl thicc community reactions
Poor guy didn’t stand a chance

Both the impressive features and the particularly flattering outfits really got some gamers’ attention. Some of them had to pick a suit with a longer cape just to stop getting distracted. Others, meanwhile, loudly proclaimed Batgirl in Gotham Knights a BOTY (“Booty of the Year”, of course).

This steamy explosion of appreciation isn’t a surprise. Five months before the game launched, gamers demanded this feature from the game. Let it never be said that Gotham Knights didn’t deliver exactly the one thing these fans wanted.

Actually, no, they didn’t. Not quite. Probably for the best.

The results of a web search for “Batgirl thicc” brings up a page half-filled with Gotham Knights content, and half-filled with per-existing fanart. You’ll be able to tell which ones have something to do with this game: they’ll be in all caps. They might even use the word “Lit.” Whether you want to go on that adventure is up to you.

But what about Nightwing?

gotham knights nightwing community reacts to his butt
The glaring issue has been pointed out ever since the World Premiere Trailer in 2020

Fans have been divided there since before the release. Sadly, the only response the community has gotten from the developers is that they are “comfortable” with Nightwing’s looks in the game, so the disappointment has been inevitable.

Right now the consensus on Tumblr is that the one feature Nightwing is known for, his exquisite derriere, isn’t flattering enough in the new game. The active discussions and even the accounts dedicated to spreading the fame of Nightwing’s backside (feel free to look up @nightwingstonedass on Tumblr if you want to see all the adaptations that did get it right) certainly made their disapproval loud and clear.

gotham knights tumblr nightwing butt reactions
Sounds like Nightwing hasn’t been the only victim of butt retconning either

But where there’s a correct opinion, there’s always a nonconformist, and, unfortunately, the official Gotham Knights stands by their opinion. Harley Quinn, the Joker’s on-again, off-again beau, complements Nightwing’s behind, referencing that awful direct-to-video movie Batman and Harley Quinn, where the two slept together. Or, one of the times they did in the comics, if you go for that sort of thing.

Regardless, this lighthearted debate is a welcome break from all the negativity surrounding the online discussion of Gotham Knights. It might be running at 30 fps on console and be over in 15 hours, but at least there are some distractable souls focusing on what really matters. That booty.

Have some thoughts on the discussion? Fun encounters or perfect screenshot angles with the characters in the game? Are we leaving Robin out of the discussion? Let us know in the comments below!

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