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Love ’em or hate ’em, there are a lot of crucible knights in Elden Ring, including this one in the Deeproot Depths. For those of you who can’t stand fighting them, you’re in luck — in this guide, we’ll show you a fool-proof way to cheese Crucible Knight Siluria, and we’ll also cover fighting Siluria while mounted.

For this strategy, you’ll need to go aggro the boss, and then pull her to near the steps that are level with the plateau the boss is on. From there, you can summon Latenna the Albinauric, and/or use ranged attacks on the boss.

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Full disclosure: A spectral steed was harmed in the making of this image

Get as high on the steps as you can while still being in range of the summoning monument, and then summon Latenna. Latenna is probably the best ranged spirit summon, so if you don’t have her yet, you should go get her! However, it is possible to do this cheese without her; you can really use any ranged summons. However, most ranged summons don’t have the long range that Latenna does, so you’ll have to make sure you pull the boss close to the steps.

Before fighting this boss on Torrent, you should get on top of the walking mausoleum to the northeast and make it sit down — this will remove the nearby soldiers and make the entire plateau safe.

It probably isn’t technically cheese, but fighting this boss mounted is pretty darn easy. Melee users will find that they can tap sprint while riding towards the boss, then ride past while attacking once, and none of the boss’s attacks will land. It’s safest to wait until the boss is done with their attack and slowly walking towards you to begin your approach, but you can also attack as soon as you see the boss’s attack/combo finishing.

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As long as you mash the sprint button if the stomp hits Torrent, the followup shouldn’t hit you

Sometimes, the stomp attack can hit Torrent, so it’s not a bad idea to prep a few Raisins before taking on this boss. Ranged characters can simply kite this boss around the plateau — the only way it can gap close is with its flying attack, which is easily avoided by galloping in any direction, including towards the boss.

The real danger with this strategy is falling off of the cliff, so pay attention to your surroundings — it’s best to unlock and look around if you aren’t sure where you are relative to the edge of the cliff.

This is included mostly for masochists who choose to fight Siluria on foot, and therefore need to learn the boss’s moveset.

  • Stomp – A quick stomp with no windup that immediately does damage in a fairly large area in front of the knight. Often chained into other moves. Roll backwards as they stomp to avoid.
  • Horizontal Slash – The knight brings her weapon behind her, then swings it horizontally from (your) right to left, sometimes ending this attack by hitting the ground, sometimes not. Sometimes she doubles this attack.
  • Double Slash – Looks a lot like the Horizontal Slash, but it doesn’t hit the ground hard ever, and the boss brings it back the other way.
  • Triple Slash Combo – Begins with a jab that comes around and hits the ground, then the spear is brought upwards from the ground, and finally swings from (your) left to right horizontally.
  • Stab + Slash – The knight pokes with her spear, then slashes with it from (your) right to left.
  • Spear Drill – The knight holds her spear over her shoulder and it starts spinning and glowing — after a brief delay, a projectile will fly towards her target. If you’re running perpendicular to the attack, it will miss.
  • Stab – The knight jabs quickly with her spear — this is relatively short-ranged compared to her other thrusting attacks, but comes fast.
  • Running Stab – The knight jogs towards her target and stabs with a long thrusting attack.
  • Stab + Spin – The knight gets a running start and then stabs her target before spinning in a circle and swinging his spear horizontally. There are two variants of this (the horizontal attack comes from different directions), but they’re functionally the same.
  • Slam + Sweep – The knight slams her spear down into the ground, then drags it in a circle as he spins, then slashes horizontally with it.
  • Dagger Grab – The knight manifests a dagger in her left hand, then stabs at his target with it — this is a grab move and will do serious damage if you don’t avoid it.
  • [Phase 2 Only]Flying Plunge – The boss sprouts wings and flaps up into the air, then dives down at her target. Roll towards the boss when it plunges towards you to avoid.

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