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Corhyn’s Robe

Game: Elden Ring

Robe of the exiled prophets
Slot: Body
Weight: 6.3
damage negation icon eldenring Damage Negation:
Physical 6.1 Strike 6.7 Slash 6.7 Pierce 6.1
Magic 13.3 Fire 12.8 Lightning 12.8 Holy 13.5
resistance icon eldenring Resistance:
Immunity 46 Robustness 24 Focus 107 Vitality 76 Poise 2

Where to Find Corhyn’s Robe

If you kill Corhyn, he’ll drop his robe, plus his Bell Bearing and a Flail. If you make it to Crumbling Farum Azula without solving the puzzle in his quest, you’ll be able to find his items on his corpse wherever you last saw him. If you complete his questline, you’ll find him in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, and you can reload the area he’s in to get his items.

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