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Brother Corhyn

Game: Elden Ring

An NPC that can teach you incantations. Corhyn’s questline is required for one of the game’s endings.

Brother Corhyn is one of two NPCs that you can give prayerbooks to, but it’s actually better to give them to Miriel instead. Corhyn is still useful, however, as following his questline is required for the Age of Order ending.

How to Complete Brother Corhyn’s & Goldmask’s Questline (Age of Order Ending)

You’ll first meet Brother Corhyn in the main room of Roundtable Hold. Once you’ve reached the Altus Plateau, return to Roundtable Hold and speak with Corhyn – he’ll tell you he’s off to find Goldmask.

Find Corhyn on the Altus Plateau, next to the monument with the map fragment. Exhaust his dialog.

brother corhyn location 1 altus plateau elden ring

Speak with Goldmask, who can be found further north in Altus on the end of a broken bridge. He won’t say anything, but that’s OK – just interact with him once.

goldmask location 1 altus plateau elden ring

Return to Corhyn on the road north of the Altus Highway Junction site of grace, and tell him you’ve found Goldmask.

brother corhyn location 1 altus plateau elden ring

Next time you rest, Corhyn will be standing next to Goldmask on the broken bridge. Speak with Corhyn once he’s moved to Goldmask’s location and exhaust his dialog.

Warning: You can miss Corhyn and Goldmask while completing the main quest path through Leyndell, so make sure you do the following next steps before progressing beyond Leyndell.

goldmask location 1 altus plateau elden ring

Once you enter Leyndell, Royal Capital, Corhyn can be found alongside Goldmask by the colosseum that overlooks the city. Exhaust Corhyn’s dialog once more, then defeat Godfrey if you haven’t already – you’ll need access to the area beyond him for this next step.

location of corhyn leyndell elden ring

You can this step only once you’ve defeated Godfrey, First Elden Lord. You’ll need 37 Intelligence for this next step, so head to Rennala in Liurnia and respec if you don’t already have it. Then go back to the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace (where you defeated Godfrey) and go east.

Outside, turn left and go up the root there – then head outside on the second floor and jump southwest to the roof. Go through the open window and make your way around the balcony and up onto the root there to grab the Golden Order Principia from the corpse in the chair – bring it to Corhyn or Miriel and then purchase the Law of Regression incantation.

Next, make your way back down to the Erdtree Sanctuary first floor and go east and down the stairs, then into the building and down the elevator. Go down the first staircase and find the message that reads “Regression alone reveals secrets”. Stand on the message and cast Law of Regression – the statue to the east will transform and a new message that reads “Radagon is Marika” will appear just ahead of you. Make sure you read it before continuing to the next step.

Return to the colosseum and speak with Goldmask – he’ll give you the Golden Order Totality gesture. Exhaust Corhyn’s dialog once again.

location of corhyn leyndell elden ring

Speak to both Goldmask and Corhyn on the bridge south of the Stargazer’s Ruins on the Mountaintops of the Giants, making sure to exhaust Corhyn’s dialog.

location of corhyn and goldmask mountaintops of the giants elden ring

Once you defeat Maliketh, you’ll be transported to the ashen version of Leyndell. You can find Corhyn near where the giant spear is entering the ash, south and slightly west of the Leyndell, Capital of Ash site of grace (although this isn’t required for completing this quest). Exhaust his dialog, then quit and reload to find Corhyn’s Robe and Corhyn’s Bell Bearing, plus a Flail. If Corhyn isn’t in the capital, you should be able to find him on the bridge in the Mountaintops of Giants where he and Goldmask were previously.

location of corhyn ashen leyndell elden ring

Still in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, find Goldmask’s corpse near the colosseum, on the lower eastern cliff, up against the wall. On his corpse, you’ll find Mending Rune of Perfect Order. You can quit the game and reload your save to find his Rags, Bracelets, and Waistwrap.

Once you’ve reached Fractured Marika at the end of the game, you can choose to use Goldmask’s rune for the Age of Order ending.

ashen capital goldmask location elden ring
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