Iron Fist Alexander

Game: Elden Ring

A charming quest-giver and occasional summon whose journey continuously intersects with the player’s, and whose quest contributes to some of the most interesting stories in the game.

Iron Fist Alexander is a summon for both General Radahn and Fire Giant, and is very useful for both fights. His very charming quest rewards you with the Jar helm, and also gives you the Shard of Alexander and Alexander’s Innards, the latter being required for completing Jar-Bairn’s quest.

How to Complete Iron Fist Alexander’s Quest

Your first meeting with Alexander will find him trapped in a hole near a cliff in Northern Stormhill, where he will ask the player to help him get out. Speaking with him will reward you with the Triumphant Delight gesture. Hitting him a few times will free him from the ground he is trapped in. He will then give you a piece of Exalted Flesh.

Note: This step can be skipped if you already triggered the Radahn Festival as a result of Blaidd’s questline. It only provides the player with dialogue/lore.

Alexander will next be encountered in Gael Tunnel, between Limgrave and Caelid, where he will mention the Radahn Festival.

After defeating Radahn, Iron Fist Alexander will be scouring the battlefield for remains to pack himself with. Exhaust all of his dialogue to continue his quest.

Note: This step can be skipped if you go to Mt. Gelmir after killing Radahn. It only provides the player with dialogue/lore.

Next, you will find Alexander in Liurnia of the Lakes, south of the Carian Study Hall. Alexander will call out for help, as he has, again, found himself stuck in a pit in the ground. This time, you will need to make him slippery, using an Oil Pot or Roped Oil Pot, which will free him.

In a lava lake near Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir (the same lake where you can fight a Magma Wyrm), Alexander is standing in order to temper himself with flame. He mentions that he plans on going to the Forge of the Giants.

This step unlocks Iron Fist Alexander as a summon against Fire Giant.

Alexander will be atop a large piece of floating debris in Crumbling Farum Azula, accessible with some easy platforming via the Dragon Temple Lift. Here, Alexander will be at the end of his journey, and will ask for a final duel with you. After you defeat him, Alexander will talk to you briefly and then die, rewarding you with Alexander’s Innards (to be used to complete Jar-Bairn’s quest) and the Shard of Alexander.

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