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Olivinus Glintstone Crown

Game: Elden Ring

Stone mask of a Gold Amber Sage
Slot: Helm
Weight: 5.1
damage negation icon eldenring Damage Negation:
Physical 4.4 Strike 3.1 Slash 5.2 Pierce 4.8
Magic 4.4 Fire 4.5 Lightning 3.4 Holy 3.8
resistance icon eldenring Resistance:
Immunity 16 Robustness 26 Focus 10 Vitality 10 Poise 3

Where to Find Olivinus Glintstone Crown

Found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, on a path behind an illusory wall. Go into the academy from the School Classroom site of grace and turn left — the illusory wall is behind the corpse with an item. You’ll need to jump off the balcony and continue to the rocks pictured below, then climb up them and jump across a gap. See this section of the walkthrough for details on acquiring.

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