PSA: Elden Ring’s Bestial Sanctum Jumping Puzzle Bug Finally Fixed – Here’s How To Get the Items

Elden Ring’s 1.03 patch may have brought a whole host of amazing and welcome changes, but it also appears to have introduced a few major bugs as well.

There is a jumping puzzle in the Bestial Sanctum area of Caelid, that players have to complete in order to obtain 2 unique items, the Cinquedea dagger and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman. However, patch 1.03 broke this puzzle – the death floor for Caelid was set just under the Bestial Sanctum, causing players to instantly die right at the start of the puzzle. As a result, those 2 items were completely unobtainable, to the dismay of completionists aiming to fully 100% clear this game by collecting every item, and players wanting to experiment with the powerful dagger, particularly in PvP.

Thankfully, From Software appears to have just released a hotfix, which finally fixes this issue and makes it possible to obtain these items once again! Here is how:

Teleport to the Bestial Sanctum Site of Grace, exit the Bestial Sanctum and turn right, so you’re going west, until you are here on the map.

elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 2
This is where you’ll want to go to start the jump puzzle.

That is where the jump puzzle starts. If you’re playing on online mode, there will typically be multiple messages here, showing you the location.

elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 3
This might just be the only instance where “Try jumping down” messages were legit!

Jump down onto the tree roots underneath you to continue.

elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 4
Prior to the bug fix, this part was filled with bloodstains, as it was impossible for players to continue. Keep jumping down!

Prior to the bug being fixed, this was the last spot you could safely jump down to – going any further would instantly kill you. Happily, the bug is fixed!

You can continue jumping down to the tree roots and then the rock structure underneath. You will need to jump down multiple levels until you are basically at sea level, at which point you’ve reached the bottom. Kill the bat enemies along the way and navigate to these 2 points to obtain these secret rewards:

elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 6
Location of the Cinquedea dagger.
elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 7
That’s one well-hidden dagger!
elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 9
Location of the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman.
elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 10
This talisman was definitely not worth the adventure, seeing how easy it is to obtain its upgraded versions, but damn it I wanted it anyway!

And with this, these 2 elusive items are finally yours! As a completionist, it was extremely frustrating to know that these 2 items were just out of my reach for such a silly reason, so it definitely feels great to finally have them. Congratulations to my fellow completionists and to people eager to try this mighty new dagger in PvP!

As an added bonus for reaching the end of this jumping puzzle, players can enjoy a lovely view of the water falling off the edge of the world, and a mysterious unidentified tower in the middle of the ocean. What could that be, I wonder…

elden ring bestial sanctum jump puzzle 11
What a lovely view. I do wonder, what could that tower be…

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