[Leak] Elden Ring DLC Possibly at TGA, Released Feb ’24

FromSoft YouTuber Ziostorm revealed today on Twitter (we still aren’t calling it X) that “unverified sources” say the upcoming Elden Ring DLC will be shown on December 7th at The Game Awards. These same sources have also claimed that the DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, will release on February 4th, 2024.

Ziostorm is apparently a fairly reliable source for FromSoftware information, though it’s important to note that he states this is “just a rumor” for now. Regardless of how reliable Ziostorm has been in the past, it’s clear this isn’t anything that should be taken as confirmed.

That said, the rumor gains credence given that we know TGA CEO Geoff Keighley visited FromSoft recently… though this could simply be what gave the “sources” the idea for said rumor.

Further evidence that we could see Shadow of the Erdtree early next year comes in the form of the Kadokawa financial report (Kadokawa is FromSoft’s parent company) that lists the Elden Ring DLC in the Medium-to-Long Term section. This report came out back in May, making a release within a year somewhat more likely.

kadokawa financial report image relevant to elden ring dlc
The relevant image from the financial report, indicating the key phrase

While the waiting is certainly hard, Elden Ring fans can take heart in the fact that the longer FromSoft spends on the DLC, the more likely it is to be a significant addition to the game. With some of the best content in Darksouls 1-3 and Bloodborne all coming via DLCs, there’s no reason to expect anything less from Shadow of the Erdtree.

Let us know what you’re hoping to see from the DLC in the comments below!

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