Elden Ring DLC Announced: Shadow of the Erdtree Teaser Image Shared by Developers

Developers have finally announced the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC — the one we all have been dying to hear anything about, pretty much since the launch of the game. The announcement dropped at 2 am CST on the official Elden Ring Discord, followed by the announcement on Steam News. Sadly, this “anything” is just an image, at least for now.

Though, definitely a stunning one.

Here it is in its full glory:

shadow of the erdtree dlc announced

No additional information about the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has followed this teaser: no release date, no details. The fans are being left to their own imagination. Though, as it usually goes, FromSoftware has done a beautiful job even with a single image, so we can still make a few guesses.

The blonde figure featured on the image could be Queen Marika, atop Torrent the Spirit Steed (whom we ride in the game), looking towards the ghastly Erdtree in the distance, which is dripping golden ichor, or possibly even the Frenzied Flame. Ghostly graves here resemble the icon the player sees when they can summon Spirit Ashes, which is a little interesting.

If this is indeed Marika, it means that at least some parts of the DLC may be taking place in the past. We do know that Three Fingers, a mysterious entity somehow linked to the Frenzied Flame, was eventually locked away under the Leyndell, Royal Capital — in the Cathedral of the Forsaken deep under the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. And the Erdtree being drenched in this Madness-inducing substance might suggest that the DLC will explain how Three Fingers got there.

Of course, the person atop the Spirit Steed might be Miquella instead, before he encased himself in a cocoon. Unlikely though it may be, it could even someone we don’t know about yet. The Erdtree also might be dark due to Deathblight, rather than being crisped by the Frenzied Flame or the actions of the player — Godwyn’s corpse exists regardless of the path the player chooses at the Forge of the Giants. Of course, the sheer variety of theories emerging just in the first hour of the announcement is a testament to the wonderful imagination of FromSoftware and their creations.

What are your thoughts about the image and the DLC? Are you as excited as we are? Are you seeing something in the image we didn’t notice? Share with us in the comments below!

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