How to Beat the Spiritcaller Snail (Spiritcaller Cave) – Elden Ring Boss Guide

This is one of two spiritcaller snail bosses in Elden Ring — the other is found in Road’s End Catacombs in Liurnia. Both are weak on their own, but these snails can summon powerful spirits to protect them. This version of the spiritcaller snail, found in the Spiritcaller Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants, summons the Godskin Apostle, followed by the Godskin Noble. These are both tough foes, and unlike the earlier spiritcaller snail, you won’t be able to kill the snail until both of its summons are defeated — fortunately, we’ve got a few ideas for you on how to make that happen.

  • Trading aggro with a ranged summon like Latenna is very effective in this fight, since both summons have weak, slow ranged attacks.
  • Leaping and rolling attacks are safest vs the Godskin summons, as their first attack in their combos will often miss if it comes right as your attack ends.
  • Additionally, jumping attacks are useful because the first summon (Godskin Apostle) is fairly easily staggered.

If you’ve used any of our other boss guides for this region, you’ll be more than ready for this strategy, since it once again involves using Latenna the Albinauric. In this case, it’s because she does respectable damage to the bosses, and it’s very easy to keep them distracted without taking much damage yourself. If you don’t have Latenna upgraded, you can either go upgrade her, or else just used your strongest summon — the tips below will still be relevant.

Before you enter the boss arena, if you don’t use ranged attacks in your kit, craft some ranged consumables like Fire Pots, Bone Darts, etc, and then equip your strongest shield. As soon as you enter the boss arena, summon Latenna and then make your way towards the boss, who will start materializing in the center of the room.

Your goal this entire fight is to keep the current Godskin summon focused on you, while taking as few risks as possible. To accomplish this, you have two options. The first is to hold block and stand fairly close to the boss, but start backing off when it begins an attack (you can roll backwards if you’re confident it will take you out of range). Ideally, you’ll roll instead of blocking, but until you know the boss’s moveset, it’s easier to hold block and walk backwards. When the boss is idle or after it whiffs an attack, you can attack with a jumping attack, as this will often cause the boss’s first counterattack to miss.

spiritcaller snail melee gif 1 elden ring

Attacking is not without risk however, so feel free to only attack the boss when it starts moving towards Latenna. The other way you can keep aggro is by using ranged attacks or consumables — this is why we crafted some throwables before we entered the boss room.

spiritcaller snail ranged gif 1 elden ring
Make sure you check your FP before trying to cast spells

If you have a limited amount of ranged options, you can use a combination of the strategies — hold block and stand near the boss to draw aggro, and if the boss targets Latenna, start using your ranged options rather than risking a melee attack.

If you fail to keep Latenna alive, you’ll have to deal with the bosses on your own. We’ve got a full guide for the Godskin Apostle, and in the section below we cover dodging the most dangerous move from the Godskin Noble. Otherwise, focus on rolling past the Godskin summons instead of backwards, and wait to attack until after they finish their combos.

Both summons have a Phase 2 that starts when they’re at about 55% HP — they do an AOE black flame move to transition into the second phase (so back way off), and then they both add some attacks. The Godskin Apostle (the first summon) will start stretching towards his target in some combos — rolling through these attacks towards the Apostle makes these fairly easy to avoid.

The Godskin Noble adds a Belly Bump attack, which is often chained into a Rolling attack that lasts quite a while. To avoid this attack, continue to hold block and move towards the noble, rolling towards the Noble at the very last second. This way, if you mistime your roll, you’ll block the attack instead — you probably only have the stamina to do this once, so don’t rely on it and try to time your roll correctly.

spiritcaller snail rolling attack gif 1 elden ring

Besides that, you can treat Phase 2 the same way as Phase 1 — stay safe, and continue to trade aggro with Latenna.

Once both summons are defeated, the snail itself will materialize. It’s very weak, and its attacks do almost no damage — feel free to let Latenna finish off the snail while you pat yourself on the back or stand up and stretch.

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