WARNING: Twitch Streamers Have Leaked Elden Ring Footage

If you’re still trying to avoid any info on Elden Ring until you can finally play it on February 25th, you’re going to have to stay off social media for the next week. A handful of Twitch streamers decided to stream the game, and although the streams were rapidly taken down (and one channel has even been completely removed from Twitch), there are already plenty of screenshots and videos floating around the internet from those brief broadcasts.

Bandai Namco has been quick to remove most of them, although the intro cinematic is still currently available on YouTube at the time of writing, and some images of a never-before-seen area have made their way onto Reddit. This is far from the first Elden Ring leak — though it might be the most significant one. The character creator has already been leaked, and pages from the game’s official guide as well as some spell descriptions have also made their way onto the internet.

With nothing else to do but go hollow speculating about what might be, the leaks do at least offer something concrete to build insane fan theories on while the next seven days crawl by. Of course, you could also try and glean something from the handful of images in this advert for the Adventure Guide. That spell under “Skills” kind of looks like Wrath of the Gods…

Are you avoiding spoilers, or hunting them down? Let us know in the comments!

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