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Game: Elden Ring
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: February 28, 2022

The Elden Ring multiplayer servers will be going down tonight (or tomorrow, March 1st, depending on your time zone), for what is set to be an hour-long maintenance period. Playstation servers are up first, followed by XBox and finally the Steam servers:

  • PlayStation Maintenance Period:
    • PST – 6PM-7PM (Feb 28)
    • CET – 3AM-4AM (Mar 1)
    • JST – 11AM – 12PM (Mar 1)
  • XBox Maintenance Period:
    • PST – 7PM-8PM (Feb 28)
    • CET – 4AM-5AM (Mar 1)
    • JST – 12PM – 1PM (Mar 1)
  • PC (Steam) Maintenance Period:
    • PST – 8PM-9PM (Feb 28)
    • CET – 5AM-6AM (Mar 1)
    • JST – 1PM – 2PM (Mar 1)

Many players have had issues with summoning not working, and with bloodstains not activating. With any luck, both of these issues will be fixed — or at least improved — with the upcoming maintenance.

What’s your multiplayer experience been like so far? Have you been able to summon friends, or be invaded? Let us know in the comments!

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