New Elden Ring Trailer Reveals Never-Before-Seen Locations & Enemies

We got yet another peek at Elden Ring this morning in the form of a new trailer entitled “Rise, Tarnished”. Honestly, it’s kind of weird how much Bandai Namco is hyping Elden Ring — FromSoft games historically have been released with very little of the game revealed. Perhaps this shift is due to the Soulsborne games being so popular that Bandai feels they must be treated like any other triple-A title, but who knows. The point is, those of you who want to see more Elden can do so:

This should go without saying, but SPOILER WARNING for the trailer and the rest of this article

We’ve already seen that NPCs will be a bit less vague in their conversations with you, and this trailer continues that trend. It seems as though many of the humanoid bosses will tell you exactly what they think of you, and maybe even what the heck they’re doing hanging out in their decrepit castle/lake/field of dead. Like the Souls games, there seem to be at least two paths you can take to the ending, as the trailer features an NPC asking the player to side with them against the Erdtree — that’s gotta be the dark ending, right?

We also got confirmation that the player will be able to use guns, or at least one weird cannon that pokes through a shield. In addition to a peek at a number of other weapons, many new boss fights and locations are revealed in the trailer. This already seemed clear from the older trailers, but today’s footage demonstrates that this is almost certainly going to be the most varied Soulsborne game yet in terms of environments, enemies, and color palettes.

The bosses in particular all look exceptionally weird and scary in quintessential Fromsoft fashion. The trailer also showed off a number of set pieces, like riding a weird chariot or dodging cannonballs while approaching a keep — these moments were few and far between in previous titles, and it will be interesting to see if the game is as full of them as the trailer suggests.

Only a few days to go now — check out the release schedule for PC if you haven’t already, and start practicing that “too sick to show up” cough.

Do you like that we’re seeing so much of Elden Ring pre-release, or would you prefer to not even have the option to spoil yourself? Let us know in the comments! I know that personally, I can’t resist, but wish I could.

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